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What is the average cost of a New Roof in Pennsylvania?

Average roof costs change from state to state across the US, the national average for a new roof is between $8,000 and $15,000 but there are so many variables contained within this. We've found that the average cost of a new roof in Pennsylvania is determined by many aspects including materials, labor and size. Here is how to calculate the average cost of a new roof in Pennsylvania.

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The average cost of a new roof in Pennsylvania

Roofing materials are the biggest element on any quote unless you are really unlucky and have major deck repairs to contend with.  Here are some average costs in Pennsylvania.

Materials Average Cost per 100 square foot
Asphalt Shingles $220.75
Tile Roof $972.30
Wood Shake $605.81
Metal roof $857.61
Slate roof $1,259.00
Flat roof £341.67 - $381.25 

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What are the factors which influence the average cost a new roof in Pennsylvania?

Here are some of the variables:-

  • Zip code – urban areas often cost more for contractors than rural locations
  • Choice of roofing materials, one of the biggest influencers
  • Whether this is a new roof or an overlay which avoids paying labor for tearing down and dump fees
  • The state of the roof deck when it is revealed, do you need any remedial work or repairs?
  • Roof features, is the design complex or a simple ranch style which is always quicker and cheaper?
  • Are you adding skylights or dormers, this means extra materials and extra labor?
  • How steep is the pitch?  Steeper roof planes always take more work

How do I know when my roof has gone beyond the point of repair?

Usually when the costs are so frequent and high that it becomes apparent that the money would be better spent going towards the cost of a new roof rather than patching up the old.  Sometimes a roof just gets towards the end of its life and the shingles start to deteriorate, curling or slipping.

A visual inspection of the shingles and also some of the deck by a roofer can confirm your worst fears; never accept a quote from a roofer who hasn’t done this.  You might also know the age of the roof which is a big clue and whether or not it has been well looked after.

What are additional costs apart from roofing materials and labor?

Extra costs will include:-

  • Tearing down and dump fees unless you are opting for a roof overlay
  • Scaffolding hire
  • New skylights and dormer windows if you are replacing old fittings or adding in new features because you are also converting the roof space
  • Costs for an architect or surveyor if you need drawings and plans
  •  Building permits
  •  Building inspection fees

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What factors other than cost influence the choice of a new roof in Pennsylvania?

Budget is one of the key considerations when choosing roofing material but homeowners are also steered by what they like the look of, effectively what will suit the style of their home.  Most people choose on appearance followed by longevity as a new roof is a big outlay and you certainly want it to last the course.  Somewhere in the mix will be value for money and price; the dream choice might just come in over budget.

What a roof looks like is important in maintaining the value and curb appeal of your home but whether it is weatherproof and watertight is even more important.

Finding a reputable roofer in Pennsylvania

Always get three quotes at least and they must be as the result of a proper internal and external roof inspection, not from someone who wanders around at sidewalk level and doesn’t go up a ladder.

Research friends and work colleagues to try and find a personal recommendation.  Someone local has probably worked for people in your neighbourhood so you can check them out properly and look at other houses they have worked on.

Use social media with care, you will get recommendations from lots of people you don’t actually know! 

Try and get the roofing quotes broken down into detail so that you can see where you can adjust the spend if you need to.  Ask if there is anything likely to be billed separately that you might not be aware of and which doesn’t appear on the quote like scaffolding hire or building inspection fees.

How to budget effectively for a new roof in Pennsylvania?

  • Do your homework thoroughly, work out the total area of your roof in roof squares and research the price of different roofing materials at your local depot, this will help establish the best roof shingle for your house and budget
  • Research the local roof code for your area, if you have an old house with an old roof then your roofer may need to do some additional work in order to bring the roof up to spec – it might be worth paying for a roof inspection in order to establish this
  • Determine which roofing materials are best for your local climate and which offer the best insulation for your home – this will reduce energy loss and your household bills
  • Establish whether your current roof design is the most efficient and desirable for your needs – if the roof line is complex, it could be that a simpler roof will significantly reduce the overall cost
  • Find roofer quotes which are detailed and with an extensive breakdown of costs so you can see where you may be able to reduce spend
  • Establish the cost of building permits
  • Look into roof grants at both local and federal level, you might find if you steer your roofing choices towards greener options, that you are eligible for some schemes

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my roof needs replacing?

If you are not sure of the state of your roof even if it is watertight then ask a couple of roofers to undertake an inspection for you.  Try and use a recommended roofer who isn’t just going to try and sell you a new roof even if you don’t need one.  You can keep an eye on your roof from street level but you won’t be able to see the condition of all the shingles or have much idea about the state of the deck beneath.  Annual roof inspections can offer homeowners peace of mind and pick up on small defects and repairs which can be easily and economically remedied and prolong the life of the current roof. Most people do this when the guttering is being cleared once or twice a year.

What is a roof square?

Roof squares are used by many roofers and retailers of roofing materials.  One roof square equals 100 square foot.  To find out how many roof squares your roof consists of, measure your roof area and then divide it by 100 to give the total number.  Roof squares are an easy and convenient way to compare the cost of different roofing materials.

My roofer has quoted a higher price per roof square than the advertised cost at the roofing depot, why is this?

Your roofer will quote for the amount of roofing material needed to cover one roof square so this will take into account how easy it is to work with the chosen material and the design of the roof so there may be wastage which can explain the higher cost per square for that particular roofing material than you have seen advertised online or at your local roofing depot.

What is the best choice of roofing material for the climate in Pennsylvania?

The prevailing weather across Pennsylvania can be characterized as humid continental so choosing a roofing material that is appropriate for the weather in your area is important.  Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roof choices in Pennsylvania as they have a good, long life if the roof is well maintained, they are simple and easy to fit, work well in the Pennsylvania climate and there are a range of designs and pricing options.  However, they are not the best insulators so you might want to look again if your main concern is lowering carbon footprint and reducing energy loss from your home.

Where can I find financing for my new roof cost in Pennsylvania?

Try your mortgage company who might be able to extend your mortgage if you have equity in the property.  Choose a roofing contractor who also offers finance although do check the rate carefully.  Your roofer might be able to let you know about some roofing grants in your area.  Grants can be used to put towards the cost of a new roof although some are for repair only, it depends on their terms and also the eligibility for applicants.  Opt for sustainable roofing options, there are both local and federal grants available to push homeowners towards sustainable choices – better for your pocket because they lower energy costs with superior insulation and better for the environment.      

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