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We know that roofing projects are a potentially costly expense. We know that homeowners want to get the best price available but we also know that there simply isn't time to shop around for quotes. That's why we do all the hard work for you and connect you with approved roofers in your area.

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How do we work?

Follow the three steps below to get started

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Whether you need a shing roof replaced, your flat root changed or a tile repaired, we have you covered.

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We'll find local roofers in your state. We have access to approved installers in your area.

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Get quotes from roofers in your state. Compare quotes and save money.

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Each roofer in your area will have different prices and requirements. Even if you're just getting an idea of costs at this stage, we can talk you through your project.


What roofing work do you need?

Cost of shingle roof

roof costs

Cost: From $6,000

Time: 5 days 

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Roofing grants in the US

image from:

Cost: From $FREE

Time: TBC

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The Cost To Replace The Roof Over A Mobile Home

cost to replace roof over mobile home

Cost: $1,000

Time: 1 week

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Roof overlay Cost


Cost: Save $1,000

Time: 1 month

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Cost of a 1500 sqft roof


Cost: From $7600

Time: 1 month

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Cost To Change Roof Pitch

change roof pitch cost

Cost: From $15,000

Time: 30 days +

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Cost to raise a roof of the house?

image from:

Cost: $15,000

Time: 1 month

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Cost to replace roof flashing

cost to replace roof flashing

Cost: From $150

Time: 1 day

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Cost of a 1,200ft roof


Cost: From $5,000

Time: 1 month

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About Our Roofing Quotes

Who are we?

If you’re looking for a service that can provide you with a quote for your roofing, then you’ve come to the right place. While we are not the installers ourselves, we connect you with available roofers in your state - sourcing the local services nearby to help us give you a more accurate rooing quote for your own home and saving you money in the process.

Not only do we aim to connect you with reputable roofers in your area, but we also want to make sure you have all of the information and advice you could need before you call about your roofing. This FAQ is to tell you all you could need to know about

How does work?

We have a huge network of roofers in every state in America and can connect you to roofers near you.

With, you can:

  1. Submit details of your project
  2. View and contact available roofers in your area
  3. Compare no-obligation quotes
    ...and save money on your roofing project.

We want to save you the trouble of having to collect every quote yourself, which is why all you have to do is input your own info on your home and what you want to have done, and the roofers in your area will come to you. You can compare the quotes and save money and discuss availability without any fuss.

How many quotes will I receive?

To ensure that you get a good idea of how much you can expect to be paying for your roofing job, you should collect at least three quotes however, sometimes, we may only have one approved roofer in your area. You'll receive between 1 and 4 quotes. With a selection of quotes, you can get an accurate idea of how much different companies in your state charge for the job. With this information, you have a realistic range of costs that can help you determine whether or not you want the job done. If the quotation price should cause you to change your mind, you can also run your details by us again with different choices to check up on different costs.

What can I get quotes for?

You can get a quote if you need a roof replacement, a loft conversion, a roof repair, or an extension. We can provide a price on:

  • A completely new roof
  • Repairs after storm damage
  • A Tiles replaced
  • A leak fixed
  • The roof raised
  • Even a new conservatory roof

We want to make sure you can find a quote for the service that you need.

Do I have to pay for a quote?

No, you don’t have to pay for your quote at all, and we provide all of our information to you without any form of payment. Not only do we connect you to roofers for free, but you don’t have to do anything with the quote should you change your mind - you’re not tied to your quote whatsoever.

Are our roofers accredited?

Injuries and complications that happen during work can be difficult and complex to handle, but we make sure that all of the companies that we work with and provide quotations for are completely insured.


We make sure you can get an accurate selection of quotes completely free and without obligation, meaning all you have to do is contact us. We cut down on the legwork to ensure you are fully informed and have the best possible choice of both building company and prices.