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What is the cost of a 1500 square foot roof?  Shingles, tiles and metal!

We worked out that the lowest cost of a 1500 square foot roof is $7,260. In comparison, the average roof cost in the States is anywhere from $8,000 - $15,000 but these figures are almost too generic to be of any benefit. So how did we arrive at the figure of $7,260 for 1500 square foot roof? Read on to find out how we worked out this price.

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How to work out the cost of a 1500sqft roof?

First off, measure your roof properly or as accurately as you can.  Next, you will need to convert your 1,500 square foot roof into roof squares so you can price up the cost of different materials and the labor.  A roof square equates to 100 square feet and using roof squares makes it much easier to compare the cost of a range of materials across roofs of all sorts of different sizes and shapes.

Top Tip: a roof square = 100 square feet but you might need a bit more roofing material than that to cover 100 square feet because of the roof design and/or wastage.  To cover this, add an extra 10%-15% to your final cost

The cost of a 1,500 square foot roof is reasonably easy to calculate as this roof size equates to 15 roof squares.  Now go to your local roofing depot and check out the price per roof square – don’t forget to include underlayment options or roofing felt. Alternatively, you can find estimates for roofing quotes here.

The different cost of roofing materials for a 1,500 square foot roof

Materials Cost per roof square
Asphalt Shingles $480 so $7,260
Metal roof covering $1,500 - so $22,500
Tiles and Slates $4,000-$8,000 so $60,000 - $120,000
Labor $150-$300 so $2,250 - $4,500

 The cost at the roofing depot won’t include labor whereas any quote from a roofing company might include this as part of the cost per roof square or some companies list labor separately.  You will also need to think about rainwater goods like guttering and downpipes plus flashing to go around chimneys or skylights.

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Extra things to think about when working out the cost of a 1,500 square roof

Where you live can have an impact on the cost of labor and roofing materials, oftentimes city prices are more expensive than rural areas unless you live somewhere really remote where transportation costs can be a significant factor.

Your new roof may need an upgrade in terms of compliance with the roof codes for your state.  Roof codes are regulations imposed to ensure roofs are safe and hopefully as thermally efficient as possible.  If you have an old house with an old roof then you may find that when the roofing material is lifted there are some repairs that need to be carried out to bring the deck up to standard.

Your roof may measure 1,500 square feet but if the design is complex or you are adding features like skylights and dormers then this will impact the bill.  Ranch style roofs are cheaper because they are simpler; different roof plans and features will always add to the labor bill.

Access to your site may be one thing that you can prepare in advance to make your roofer’s job easier.  If a truck can go alongside the property then the roofing materials can be winched straight up onto the roof rather than being manually carried from the ground.  It will also be easier to tear down the old roof straight into a waiting dump truck.  If your site access is not good then improving it will reduce your roofing estimate.

What other costs may appear on your roofing estimate?

In addition to the cost of roofing materials and labor, you roofer will also list some other costs:-

  • Tear down of the old roof and dump fees for the waste
  • Scaffold hire

What costs may not appear on the estimate?

  • Building permit fees
  • Professional charges for an architect or surveyor if you are doing a major roof design on converting the roof space into living accommodation
  • Replacing rainwater goods and flashing around chimneys and dormers

Managing the cost of renewing a 1,500 square foot roof

 A new roof is a big outlay and although a watertight and weatherproof roof is essential, most people don’t appreciate the uplift in their home as much as they would if the money were spent on an extension or a new kitchen.  But if your roof is failing or becoming expensive to repair then the time has come to change it.

You could consider approaching your mortgage company for further funding; this can be affordable on a monthly basis as it is usually spread over the remaining mortgage term compared to a bank loan but you will need equity in your property and to be able to show you can afford the repayments.

Some roofing contractors will hook up with third party finance companies so may offer a deal with a tame broker but do shop around as you may be able to get a better rate elsewhere.

Ask your roofer if you are eligible for a roof grant either locally in your area or from federal government.  Most roofers are on top of what’s available as it can help persuade a homeowner to take up their quote.  Roof grants tend to have a cap so it might only make a dent in the cost but it could still be effectively free dollars.  Not all roof grants are for renewal, some are repair only and some come with conditions attached like repayment of the money if you move house within a specified time period.

Shop around for the right roofer

Try and get a personal recommendation from family or friends and also get three or four quotes.  Don’t consider a quote that isn’t the result of a thorough roof inspection both internally and externally as it just won’t be accurate.  Ask contractors to break the quotes down into detail so you can compare costs more effectively.  This can also help if you are looking to come in under a set budget as it is easier to identify areas where you may be able to make a cost saving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest cost element of a new roof 1500 sqft roof?

Assuming your roofer doesn’t find anything nasty lurking when he lifts the old roofing materials then normally the biggest element on the quote will be the roofing materials.  If your quote is over budget then talk to your roofer about using different shingles at a lower price.

How should you look after a new roof?

All roofs should have a program of annual maintenance and care so get your roof inspected at least once a year, probably when the guttering is cleared.  There can be creeping issues with older roofs which are not always visible from street level.  Good roof maintenance will increase the lifespan of your roof regardless of its age and spot early problems before they become major.

How long does a new roof last?

This will depend upon the choice of roofing material but your average roof shingle will last around 15-20 years.  Tiles, slates and metal can last significantly longer but will cost more at the outset.  Caring for your roof will increase its life exponentially.

How can you save money on the cost of a 1,500 square foot roof?

Change your roofing materials - your roofer can advise you where you can cut costs.  If you are designing a new roof then the simpler the better; complex designs with roof planes and features will significantly increase the bill.  Make sure there is good site access, this can literally save man hours.

Is a roof overlay a cheaper way to get a new roof?

Putting one roof over another will save costs as you don’t need to remove or dispose of the old roof so that removes labor and dump fees.  So as a short term solution a roof overlay will definitely be cheaper but they are not popular with house purchasers or some roofing companies as they can have problems.  Roof overlays can have access issues if there is damage or a fault in the lower structure, also some roof codes don’t allow them and insurance companies will only offer insurance for the highest roof covering not the ones below.

Why are roofs measured in roof squares?

A roof square is 100 square feet and this scheme is used to make it easier to price up roofs and compare the cost of materials and labor.  Just remember that you might need more than 100 hundred square feet of roofing material to cover 100 square feet of roof due to the design and/or wastage.

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