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What Are The Costs For Standing Seam Metal Roofing?

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What Are The Costs For Standing Seam Metal Roofing?

Most homeowners in the US pay between $18,000 and $41,000 to install a standing seam metal roof. The size of the roof and the specific metal panels you choose are the biggest influences on the final cost but a good average to work to is $675 to $1,800 per roof square with one roof square equalling 100 square feet. Here is a look at the costs in more detail.

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Table of costs of a standing seam metal roof

Cost type Actual cost
National average cost $29,000
Typical price range $18,000 - $41,000
Bottom of the range $8,500
High end $100,000

Try using this formula if you know the area of your roof. Metal roofing materials and labor cost between $675 and $1,800 per roof square and this gives an average of $1,200 per roof square. A roof square is equivalent to 100 square feet of roof. If you don’t know the area of your roof then you can work out an estimate by multiplying the area of the property by 1.5; this will give you the approximate area of the roof so you can start to calculate some figures.

Because the national average range is between $675 and $1,800 using a figure of $1,200 per roof square is pretty accurate for standard metal roofing across a variety of different roof sizes. If you plan to use zinc, aluminium or copper then you should use the higher figure per roof square of $1,800.

Cost by type of metal

Standing seam metal roofing can be made of lots of different types of metal. Most people focus on steel or Galvalume which is a type of steel that features a zinc-aluminium coating for special corrosion resistance but there are in fact lots of other metal roofing choices.

The premium metal choices are zinc, copper and aluminium which are top dollar but all feature a natural rust resistance; copper and aluminium won’t rust at all, zinc is the weaker performer of the three. Here are some price comparisons of different metals per roof square. To find out the specific price for the different types of metal, click here for bespoke roofing quotes.

Type of Metal Typical Price Range
Galvanized or Galvalume Steel $325 to $775 per roof square
Copper $600 to $1,450 per roof square
Aluminium $895 to $1,565 per roof square
Zinc $700 to $1,750 per roof square

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What is the difference in cost between snap lock panels and mechanical lock metal panels?

There are several choices you can make with standing seam metal roofing including type of metal and color but there is also a decision to be made about how the individual panels connect to one another.

Snap lock panels have locks or seams to link them together with the panel and the fastening or securing device are all one piece. The panels snap together without any need to create a specialized seam. These panels are only suitable for a roof with a pitch of 3:12 and upwards. Snap lock panels cost more than mechanical lock panels but are simpler to put together so can save labor costs.

Mechanical lock panels are also referred to as field-locked panels and take more work, time and expertise to install. A roofer will use a specialized tool to crimp and seal the edges of the panels together; there is a choice of single-locked and double-locked versions. These are a good choice if you live in a location which is prone to high winds as they are more weather resistant to these conditions than snap lock panels. Double locked panels take longer to install so will always cost more than single-locked panels.

Color options

One of the great advantages of a standing seam metal roof is that you can paint it almost any colour you like as opposed to being governed by the color choices of the roofing shingle manufacturers. Sometimes color can dictate price based on the fact that popular colors can cost more because of demand and equally custom colors retail at a higher price than regular color choices.

Look out for panels with a Kynar 500 coating which is a special protective seal which prevents color fade and something called chalking which is the accumulation of a white residue that can build up on painted metal surfaces. Kynar 500 coatings come with a long warranty of 30 years and will bump up the unit cost of the panels.

Lighter colors will absorb less heat so will naturally keep your home cooler in the summer months so you can use less air-conditioning, a welcome bonus for your energy bills.

Why are standing seam metal roofs popular?

There are three main reasons for the popularity of standing seam metal roofs, firstly that they do a great job of reflecting the sun’s rays and dissipating radiant heat secondly, they can last forever with excellent durability and toughness and thirdly, they are virtually maintenance free.  The drawback, that’s easy – the cost!

What are the variables which can affect the cost of a standing seam metal roof?

  •         Roof size
  •         Choice of metal panels, thinner steel panels are much cheaper than premium copper or zinc
  •         Is this a roof overlay or is the old roof being removed first?
  •         Labor costs in your area, they usually range from $150-$300 per roof square or around $75 per hour
  •         Color

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘standing seam’ actually mean?

Standing seam is a construction term which refers to interlocking panels together to produce a watertight joint. The standing seam refers to the fact that the panels are turned up on the edges and it is the profile of the upturned edges which interlocks together.

Are standing seam metal roofs really zero maintenance?

Standing seam metal roofs are almost zero maintenance, you might want to clean them or have them re-painted or re-sealed depending on what products were used when the roof was installed. Compared to traditional shingles, metal roofs are virtually no maintenance even when they are decades old and long after traditional asphalt shingles would have deteriorated and been replaced.

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