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What Is the Cost Of Construction Of A New Roof?

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What Is the Cost Of Construction Of A New Roof?

If you are going for a straight re-roof and the current deck is okay then the average cost for the construction of a new roof across the US is between $8,000 and $15,000. Within this cost, there is almost a straight 50:50 split between labor and materials but for all the roofs that fall within these financial parameters, there are many that do not and that’s because there are an awful lot of different variables which can impact on the cost of construction of a new roof.

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Table of costs of roof construction

Here are some materials costs based on a per square foot unit. Your roofer may charge per roof square but all this means is 100 square feet – this is just a convenient way of rounding up the costs and making it easier to compare prices.

Material Cost Per Square Foot
Asphalt $3.60
Vinyl $4.40
Rubber $6.00
Wood shake $8.00
Metal $8.00
Slate $14.80
Concrete $15.00
Clay $15.00

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Roof construction cost factors explained

What costs are included in the price per roof square?

This depends wholly on how your roofer constructs his estimate.  Some roofers will split the cost between labor and materials and also list tear down costs separately whereas others will charge per roof square and include all of this in one dollar price per unit.

What factors influence the cost of construction of a new roof?

There are many and some of these won’t apply to your roofing project but by working through this list, you should ensure you don’t miss out on any cost factors.

  •         Size of roof
  •         Choice of roofing material – this is one way to send your estimate skyrocketing or alternatively, cut some serious costs
  •         Pitch of roof, steeper roofs are harder to work and if the roofer cannot walk on them then specialist equipment will be needed
  •         Complexity of roof design, a roof with different elevations and planes is going to cost more in terms of labor and materials
  •         Roof features will add cost in terms of material and time, chimneys, skylights and dormer windows
  •         Hidden defects can show up even with the most thorough of roof inspections, an insidious leak can cause mold and rot to wood timbers which will be revealed when the old roof is torn off and these timbers will need to be restored or replaced before the project can continue. Discuss the condition of your roof with a local expert and out more about roof leak repair costs.
  •         Third party contractor costs like scaffolding hire
  •         Tear down and dump fees unless you are opting for a roof overlayment
  •         Zip code – where you live in the States can influence cost and even within the same state, there can be a difference between labor charges and roofing materials prices between urban and rural locations

Are there any other costs which won’t appear on the estimate?

Potentially yes, here are some suggestions:-

  •         Professional fees for an architect, surveyor or engineer if you need restructuring work done or are choosing an attic conversion
  •         Building permit fees which can run into thousands of dollars
  •         Upgrading work to bring your roof deck in line with the local area roof code. Your builder or roofing contractor should be able to advise you about this when they do the roof inspection prior to quoting but sometimes it is not always possible to be definitive until you see the stripped off deck
  •         Renewal of rainwater goods unless you have asked your roofer to quote for these

Ways to save money on the construction cost of a new roof

There is no one quick fix to save money on a new roof, it's an expensive job and cutting corners will only end up with shoddy workmanship and a bill that is not that much lower. There are however some techniques and tricks you can use to see if you can lower the cost if your preferred contractor has come in over budget.

  •         Do the work at a quiet time of year for roofers, they are likely to be more amenable to offering you a discount if there is not so much work around and they are not busy.  Avoid the warm season or when there has been a storm or adverse weather as most roofers are super busy then
  •         Change the roofing material or shop around for a really good deal on the one that you want. Roof shingles form a significant element of the final bill and by changing what you choose, it is possible to really lower the final cost
  •         If the project is long and complicated then set up instalment payments with your contractor
  •         Avoid tear down particularly if you have more than one roof, it’s a good way to save money in the short term although there are plenty of drawbacks to roof overlays so be aware of these before you make a final decision
  •         Find roofing grants or choose materials which bring you within the parameters for a local or federal scheme, they won’t cover the cost of a new roof but it is still a dollar contribution to the pot

Roofing grants

Across the US, there are a range of grants available at both federal and local level which aim to help people repair and renew the roofs on their homes.

Grants tend to be steered in the main towards helping low-income families and/or people who are over 60 but there is also a strong strata of grants aimed at green roofs and sustainable choices, worth looking into if you are prepared to consider different roofing materials.

Ask your roofing contractor if he knows of any grants which may be suitable for your project. Take a look online, there is lots of information and ask around locally as sometimes there are very small neighbourhood schemes which are not very well publicized and from which you could benefit.

Funding the construction cost of a new roof

If you know the project is coming then plan ahead and save; unexpected storm damage should be covered by your insurers.

Some homeowners approach their mortgage companies and arrange further borrowing for home improvement projects if they have equity in the property and their repayments pass the affordability test. It’s a good way to manage the cost on a monthly basis as the extra borrowing is usually spread over the remainder of the mortgage term and the interest rate will be competitive.

Look around for roofing grants both nationally and locally which might help take the edge of some of the cost.

Talk to your contractor about changing the roofing shingle or just pitch it to him direct and ask him where you save costs on this estimate.

Some of the medium and larger sized roofing companies will hook up with a third-party finance company and offer finance which can be persuasive as you can sort the whole package in one hit. Make sure you do your homework though and research what they are offering you as sometimes the rates are not that competitive and you could do better elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best value roofing material?

Many homeowners like asphalt shingles as they are economic, look good and have a reasonable longevity at 15 to 20 years. They provide a good short term or mid-range option and there are plenty of colors and variety available to suit all types of properties. 

How can I find a good and reliable roofer?

If you don’t already have one then you will need to start from scratch. Ask friends, family member or neighbours for a recommendation, if not, you could resort to social media but you will need to filter very thoroughly as some people just promote their buddies and they may not be any good.

How many quotes should I get for a new roofing project?

It is always best to get two or three quotes even if it is a hassle as you will learn something from each estimate and you might be surprised at how much they vary for the same roofing product. Make sure the roofer that you sign up with is correctly licensed and insured and check out some of his references before you pay a deposit.

Will I get any warranties with the work?

Your roofing company should offer you a warranty for the workmanship which is usually on average around ten years in duration. There will also be specific product warranties depending on the different roofing materials so shingles, flashing, skylights and so on. These are specific to the manufacturer and will vary in length, they will also require correct and professional installation otherwise they will be void.

Will my insurance company help with the cost of a new roof?

No, not if it is required due to old age and wear and tear and is essentially a maintenance or preference issue, insurance is only there to protect against perils like storm damage or fire.

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