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What Are The Average Costs For Roof Framing per square meter?

On a national average per square foot, the cost of roof framing works out at between $9 - $11 with lots of different factors impacting on the final price including the choice of lumber or steel, the type of roof design, access to the site, the complexity of the project and so on. This price includes the labor and the materials, we will take a look in more detail on the other influencers on roof framing costs further down the page. Start with the roof truss cost per square foot and build from there.

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Roof framing costs in more detail

There are many price variables involved in changing a roof pitch so it is really important to get the job accurately costed by a professional.  Here are some average costs to act as a guide on a roof size of 2,000 square feet.

National average cost $15,000
Average range $13,500 - $16,500
Minimum cost $10,000
Maximum cost $22,000

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What factors can influence the cost of a 1,200 square foot new roof?

The national average across the US for framing a roof ranges from $13,500 to $16,500 with most homeowners spending around $15,000 for a 1,500 cross gable roof on a standard property but you could end up spending as little as $10,000 for a small flat. At the other end of the spectrum, expect to be looking at costs in excess of $20,000 for a multi-gable roof fitted with premium steel trusses.

Why re-frame a roof?

Well, you could be building a new house or framing out an extension to your current home or you could have purchased an old house as a restoration project. Always start at the top and work down.

Frames are known as trusses and are shaped like a triangle and they are usually manufactured off site out of lumber or steel and brought in to the property as one sole unit. There are lots of variations of roof frames depending on the type of house you have and the design you want to create plus variables of ceiling heights.

What factors influence roof framing costs?

There are lots of influencers on roof framing costs, here are just some of them:

  • Metal versus lumber
  • Type of metal or type of lumber       
  • Type of roof truss – certain trusses have different places based on the type of roof you have
  • Complexity of design      
  •  Height/size
  •  Load bearing requirements

Roof rafters versus roof trusses cost and what’s the difference?

New homes will have roofs built using trusses but many roofs were originally built with rafters.

Rafters are large pieces of lumber that are built on site and custom made to form the new roof. The obvious benefit is customization and versatility but you can quickly see that an expert team of carpenters is required and the labor costs will just skyrocket. In simple terms, rafters take much longer to build and install and surprisingly, can be subject to more errors than precision made trusses which are preconfigured to specific standards and delivered in one single unit.

So, why choose rafters? Rafters allow for taller ceilings than many pre-manufactured trusses so if you are converting roof space then this is why they appeal to some homeowners. However, rafters feature shorter runs meaning that there is a requirement for interior load-bearing walls and so rafters may not suit if you are designing living space which is open plan.

In contrast, trusses are factory-built using precision assisted computer technology so there is actually less margin for area than bespoke designed rafters. Trusses are much quicker to construct and can be installed in one day keeping the house watertight and weatherproof – compare that to days or weeks of carpenters working on site.

Trusses cost less to build and install and there are many different types available including styles with really long runs which are ideal if you are designing an open floor plan. Steel bracing allows for cathedral style ceilings and finished attic spaces.

The average cost of roof trusses is $50 to $540 per truss or $9 to $11 per square foot so a 1,500 square foot roof frame would cost between $13,500 and $16,500. For rafters the cost is on average $7 to $16 per square foot and $10.500 to $24,000 to install them on a comparable 1,500 square foot roof.

A comparison between wood framing and steel framing

Wood framing is certainly the most affordable of the two options but it doesn’t offer as much durability or support as steel framing so your choice of roof design and style may end up making the decision for you.

Wood framing can be braced with steel to increase durability and support but generally, your roofing contractor will not advise wood framing for large houses or long runs however, for smaller houses it is significantly less expensive than steel. Wood framing is priced out at $3 to $5 per board foot. It is ideal for areas with settled and temperate climates but if you live in a location with a lot of moisture and humidity, then it might not be the most sensible choice for your project.

Steel framing costs $7 to $9 per board foot so it can get expensive but sometimes, it is unavoidable. Tall roofs, cathedral style roofs and interiors require steel bracing as part of the construction for stability and support even when lumber is used. Steel can create these designs from scratch with elaborate angles and pitches and potentially use less material.

Average cost of roof trusses just on size

Size is one way to measure roof truss cost and a range of figures would start around $70 per truss rising to around $270 per truss. Even within the category of size, the prices will differ based on several different factors including the material and the durability that the truss provides. Larger trusses will provide more support.

A look at some different roof frames and their cost

  • Gambrel roof frame – this design has side pitches which are nearly vertical so provides easy reach to the attic. Prices range from $75 to $125 per gambrel roof truss. This style is popular in New England with the exact number of trusses required dependent on the specific roof design
  • Mansard roof frame – the average price per truss for a Mansard roof frame is between $75 and $400 dependent on what the truss is made from and the style and size. This is not a common style of roof frame; it is a four-sided roof with a double slope on each side and the lower slope very steep and almost concave
  • Gable roof frame – a gable roof frame will cost between $100 and $175 per truss depending on what the truss is made from. Gable roofs are one of the most commonplace and is a versatile roofing choice which is low maintenance and easy to install
  •  A-frame – an A-framed roof extends to the ground and provides the house with that distinctive shape of a capital ‘A’.  This type of frame is complex and expensive to build with a very steep pitch so expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $300 per truss. The upside is that the steep pitch can allow snow to slide off easily so they do not usually need to bear much weight in terms of construction strength

Labor roof framing costs

Labor is one of the smallest portions of the cost to build a truss roof – compare that with the labor input for new rafters. Material costs include the factory assembly and the cost of the crane required to lower the roof into place which is in the region of $500 to $700.


The process with a truss roof frame is pretty simple, the trusses are ordered about three to four weeks before they are required. They are factory built to the exact specifications of your house, hence the need for an experienced and professional roofer. The frame comes to site on a flatbed truck and a crane is required to lift the pieces into place. The whole process can be done in less than a day once the frame has arrived at your home and this is one of the most attractive features of using this type of roof frame, and the lower costs.

Don’t forget the demolition costs

There is a cost to stripping off an old roof and then removing the existing frame which needs to be added to your bill for roof framing costs plus dump fees to get rid of the waste material.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to find out the most suitable roof frame for my home?

Source an experienced roofing contractor who can advise you on the most suitable type of roof frame in terms of size, style and material bearing in mind your intended roof design and any plans for interior accommodation or refurbishment. 





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