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What is the cost of a new roof in Ohio?

Pricing up the cost of a new roof in Ohio is no different with many variables, so it is always better to try and pin down the roof costs in your own state. We’ve calculated that the average cost of a new roof in Ohio is between $8000 and $15,000 dollars but it very much depends on the size of your roof, the materials used and the labour involved. Find out how we’ve calculated the cost of a roof in Ohio below.

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The cost of a new roof in Ohio

As roofing materials are more than half the cost of any new roof, this is a good place to start.  Here is some statewide data from across Ohio.

Materials Cost per roof square 
Asphalt Shingles, regular $203.65 ($155.61-$251.69)
Tiles, standard quality $886.33 ($682.82-$1,0879.84)
Wood Shake $563.15 ($485.97-$640.32)
Metal roof  $425.00 ($350.00-$500.00)
Slate roof $1,139.52 ($664.218-$1,614.76)
Flat roof using asphalt roll $161.70 ($1121.86-$201.53)

The average labor charge for the cost of a new roof in Ohio

Labor will cost from $150-$300 per hour.  Larger roofing companies tend to charge higher prices.  Labor charges will be lower if you opt for a roof overlay and there is no labor for tear off but some roof codes don’t permit overlays and many roofers don’t like them. Contact a local exper to find out the real costs and get quotes for a new roof.

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Other costs for a new roof in Ohio

When you think about a quote for the cost of a new roof in Ohio, its easy to focus on just the labor and roofing materials but there could be other costs.

  • Roof inspection – this will cost around $200 but some roofers will deduct this cost from their overall quotation if you go ahead with their firm
  • Building permits – your roofer can advise you on these
  • Professional fees – if you are opting for a new roof design or adding features like skylights or dormer windows then you will need to instruct an architect or surveyor to draw up plans
  • Tear down costs and dump fees – taking down the old roof and dumping the waste
  • Scaffolding hire – your roofer will sub-contract this to a regular scaffolding firm
  • Hidden problems – removing the old roof may reveal hidden defects like rotten timber in the roof deck which will need to be repaired before the roof is renewed.  Always keep a reserve of 10%-15% for unexpected problems

How to meet the cost of a new roof in Ohio

Approach your mortgage company because they may offer you some more lending if you have enough equity in the house.  Repayments are spread over the remaining mortgage term so can be affordable.

Some roofers will offer finance with a link to a third-party broker or finance institution although it just tends to be the bigger firms that do this, or you can look around for a bank loan.

You might find a grant in Ohio to help you with the cost of renewing your roof although some grants are only available for roof repairs. Grants are provided from either federal government or locally within Ohio – your roofer should have the latest information as a roof grant can be a good incentive to a customer to sign up.

Most roof grants are capped at a fixed figure and may depend on specific criteria like household income and/or age; many grants are aimed at low income families or older people who will otherwise struggle to afford a new roof and their property is at risk  Another  key driver for a roof grant is sustainability – think about a green roof as this may attract funding as well as significantly lowering your energy bills.

Roof grants can have conditions attached such as the requirement to repay the money if you move house within a specified period – always read the fine print very carefully.

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Lowering the cost of a new roof in Ohio

  • Roofing materials – roofing materials will represent over half the cost of a new roof so if you choose a more economic product then this can make a big impact on the final bill.  Asphalt shingles are the most popular choice of material across the US and they come in a variety of different ranges including economy
  • Keep it simple – adding skylights, dormers or chimneys on your Ohio roof will really bump up the cost so keep the design simple if you are going for a re-model.  Roof features require extra materials and take longer to fit hitting labor costs hard
  •  Site access – make your roofer’s life easy by sorting out access to the house before work starts.  There should be a clear ground area around the property so that trucks can pull up alongside to deliver roofing shingles straight to roof height saving the labor and time of carting them up by hand and also to collect the waste material from the old roof tear down
  • Roof design – if you are choosing a new style then bear in mind that the steeper the elevation, the more labor it is going to take to re-roof

Being prepared for unexpected costs

The golden rule is not to work right up to your budget as if something unforeseen happens then you will not have the extra funds needed to meet the cost.

Keep a margin of 10%-15% for nasty surprises.  The most common issue is an undetected problem, often a hidden leak (find out how to fix a leaky roof), which is not revealed until all the old roofing material is removed.  Your roofer should inspect the roof internally and externally before issuing a quote, but some problems are just not visible until the old roof is torn down. 

If you are removing a roof overlay, then this is much more likely as defects can be well and truly hidden and it will have been almost impossible to manage repairs on the lowest roof covering on the deck as there is no access.  Hidden leaks will cause rot to roof timbers which will need to be repaired or replaced before new roofing material can be installed.  Always ask your roofer to quote for the extra work once the defect is discovered rather than waiting until the work is finished.

Roof overlay

If you have a property where there has been a roof overlay then it is going to cost more for the tear down and dump fees.  Some properties may have two or even three roofs.

Roof overlays were popular as it is cheaper to install a new roof and quicker.  However, many state roof codes don’t permit these now as they have other problems and not so energy efficient.  They are also unpopular with new purchasers as the lower roofs are impossible to maintain and repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if your roof needs replacing?

If your roof is no longer watertight and weatherproof then it could be time to consider renewal or your repair bills might just be getting to be a real burden – this could be money better spent on the cost of a new roof.

How do I look after a new roof?

The roof should be checked after around three months to make sure there are no teething problems otherwise, an annual inspection is a good plan perhaps when the gutters are cleared.  This can help spot problems which are not visible from street level and rectify them quickly before they become more serious.  Some roofers offer cleaning services and also there are sealing options to help prolong the life of the roof shingles.

Will a new roof save money on energy costs?

A new roof will lower energy bills as the latest materials – roof shingles and underlayment – are all designed to lower carbon emissions to help the environment – this will help your pocket too.

Are there any warranties or guarantees with a new roof?

Your roofer should offer a written warranty for the work he has done, make sure you ask about this before you accept a quote.  The roofing materials so the shingles and the underlayment will also attract guarantees from the manufacturer although these guarantees are usually conditional on correct installation.

How can I save money on the cost of a new roof in Ohio?

Do your homework, shop around for roofing contractors and delve deeply into the different quotes – the cheapest may not be the best and could end up costing you more money in the long run.  If you are working to a budget, then discuss this with your chosen roofer – he may be able to suggest ways to shave the cost in certain areas.  Choosing a cheaper roofing material will always help the cost but can sometimes end up being a false economy if you live in an area with challenging weather.

Is installing a new roof an option for a keen DIY enthusiast?

A roof renewal is usually beyond the reach of your average homeowner and it could take much longer than a professional roofing company.  Most keen DIY enthusiasts may be able to manage a simple roof repair if they have the right tools and equipment but working at height is really a job for specialist contractors

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