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What is the cost of changing a roof pitch? 

Changing a roof pitch can cost megabucks as whether you lower or raise the pitch, the house will require a completely new set of tresses and totally new roofing materials so basically, plan for a whole new roof. The costs of changing a roof pitch can depend upon numerous factors but will be anywhere from $15,000-$20,000 on average – large and complex roofs may cost more. Replacing the frame entirely – common in roof re-modelling – means switching out the ridges, walls and rafters too so it’s a major project.

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The cost range across the States to renew a roof is between $7,000 and $14,000 – with an average of $9,000 based on a roof size of 2,000 feet. However, renewing a roof that has a sound structure will only require new underlayment and roof shingles which will cost a fraction of the cost of a whole new roof with a different pitch.

Table of costs to change a roof pitch

There are many price variables involved in changing a roof pitch so it is really important to get the job accurately costed by a professional. Here are some average costs to act as a guide on a roof size of 2,000 feet.

  Low High
Roofing Material $3,300 $10,800
Tresses $2,000 $6,000
Underlayment $792 $1,704
Tear off $1,500 $3,000
Roof decking $1,050 $1,575
Total $8642 $23,079

Don’t forget that these figures do not include costs for rainwater goods, chimney flashings, any skylights or dormer windows or any professional fees like architects’ drawings and building permit charges. However, the figures quoted for materials and underlayment etc do include installation as well as the basic material cost.

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What is the roof pitch?

The pitch of a roof is the angle it is built at compared to the house. Some houses have flat roofs which have drawbacks whereas adding a pitched roof or changing the pitch can bring certain advantages. It’s expensive which is why it has to offer material gain for homeowners to consider in the first place.

Why change the roof pitch and incur extra cost?

If you have a perfectly sound roof then it might seem a bit counterintuitive to change the old roof for a new one with a different pitch however, there are lots of reasons to consider raising the roof and here is a selection.

  • The main reason to change the pitch on an existing pitched roof is to create space within the roof void to add extra accommodation. Low roof pitches can be tricky and costly to alter in order to add an extra floor and by the time you have finished with dormers and skylights, the price all adds up. Sometimes, it doesn’t cost much more to go for a completely new roof and then have the space to convert with ease with a pre-designed roof structure ready to drop into place to accommodate your new interior design
  • If the roof is old and in disrepair and needs renewing and the tresses are rotten then it could be time to consider just a bit more spend and to add accommodation by changing the roof pitch or maximize and increase what is already there· Changing from a flat roof to a pitch roof not only offers extra accommodation but removes the age old problem of repeated roof leaks which are always a challenge with a flat roof and can be caused by high rainfall or constant lying snow, a problem in some states that suffer regular adverse weather
  • Changing the roof pitch can allow homeowners to add space to a home they love and have spent time and investment on, it can save moving and will always pay you back handsomely when you do come to sell.

What factors affect roof pitch cost?

There are lots of different factors which can impact on the final cost and here are some of these:

  • The roofing materials or shingles used and oftentimes the pitch itself will dictate what is possible or not. If the pitch is too low or shallow, then the roof may not be able to support good quality tiles or shingles
  • The complexity of the roof design – if you add in gables and hips or skylights and dormer windows then this will impact the final bill
  • The roof frame or tresses – the cheapest option is to have these manufactured off site and then shipped in as one complete piece of roof structure
  • The gradient on the pitch, steeper roofs are harder to work and will probably increase labor costs and the steeper the pitch, the more shingles will be required to cover it
  • Don’t forget to factor in the tear down cost and the dump fees for all your old roofing material
  • Equipment hire to put the new roof into position
  • Ease of access to the site
  • Local building regulations and permits
  • Zip code – expect to pay dollars more if you live in a city location compared to a sleepy rural town or remote location

Why change the pitch when opting for a new roof?

The most obvious reason is to create more accommodation in the property; it may not be possible to extend the footprint or add ground or first floor rooms. But some homeowners opt to change the pitch so they can choose a different roofing material. It may be that you live in a state that is subject to bad weather and a steeper pitch can sometimes support heavier shingles that can withstand wind, rain and lying snow. Of course, some homeowners change the pitch just for aesthetic reasons.

Raising the roof, what are the options for this new space?

Apart from getting a shiny new roof, one of the biggest if not the only attraction of changing roof pitch is to create new accommodation space – compare this with the cost of moving house!
A whole new floor in your home can create work or study space or a self-contained unit for grown children or another family member – there is also the option for rental income at a later stage. Create a gym, a home cinema or a games room, this can free up rooms on the ground floor which offer plenty of scope for redesign into perhaps an open plan seamless living space as well as the benefit of new accommodation upstairs. An alternative method to increasing living space is to raise the height of the roof, so if this is a factor then learn about raising roof costs.

If your looking to find out what you can use the space for, speak to a local expert and get quotes for a new roof.

Can you save money on the roof pitch cost and do it yourself?

Changing a roof pitch is an expert job and well beyond the reach of most homeowners. The cost will be significant but needs to be offset against the increased value of the property when the project is complete.

Building regulations and permits

These vary from state to state so check out your local government planning office to see what the rules permit in your area. New roofs don’t usually require permission but changing roof height and/or adding abutments or projections like dormer windows might trigger a consent application. Your roof designer, architect or roofing contractor will also be able to advise you on compliance.

Changing Roof Pitch - Frequently Asked Questions

Will changing the roof pitch increase the curb appeal and value of my home?

The cost of changing a roof pitch is such that most people don’t do this on a whim, there is usually a very good reason. So, you could be converting roof space to add a new floor which can increase your home’s value by up to 20% plus there is the added bonus of a whole new watertight roof so this is money well spent, a real investment in real estate which will give you a bigger home to live in plus a return on your investment when you come to sell. And compared to other home improvement projects to create extra accommodation, changing the roof pitch offers really good value for money.

How long does it take to raise a roof pitch?

This depends on whether you are going for a full roof remodel with a timber frame made off site and brought in or whether the work will be done onsite but in either case the average time span is between four to six weeks.

Can you put a new roof over an old one?

Most roofers and contractors will tell you this is not a good idea as the presence of the lower roof could cause the new one to deteriorate and decay. The only way this can work is if the new roof is at a higher pitch than the old one and sometimes this is why homeowners opt to change the pitch when they choose a new roof as they can fit it over the top of an existing roof and avoid the costs of removal.

When is the best time of year to change a roof pitch?

Depending on your location, choose a time of year which is calm, settled and dry, it will make the roofers job much easier and quicker, remember, if the labor days increase due to bad weather stoppages then it will be you that ends up footing the bill for all that extra time.

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