cost of new roof in New York

How much does a new roof cost in New York?

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What is the cost of a New Roof in New York?

Roof costs vary by around 18% across America although the national average for a new roof is $8,000 - $15,000. Cities tend to be more expensive than rural areas certainly when it comes to labor so what is the cost of a new roof in NY?

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The average cost of a new roof in New York

Even in NY, the cost can vary depending on lots of factors but expect to pay between $6,000 and $8,500 with an average rate per square foot of between $4.50 and $6.00. Here are some more defined costings based on roofing material and roof size.

Type of roofing material Roof size in square feet Average cost
Asphalt shingle 1,350 $7,120
Asphalt shingle 1,500 $7,600
Asphalt shingle 2,000 $8,420
Asphalt shingle 2,200 $9,500
Asphalt shingle 3,000 $10,209
Metal roof 1,350 $12,310
Metal roof 1,500   $12,100
Metal roof 2,000 $14,599
Metal roof 2,200 $16,858
Metal roof 3,000 $18,112


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How to work out the size of your roof?

It’s not good advice to climb up on the roof and try and measure up yourself, it’s dangerous and hard to be accurate. Instead, take the square footage of the property itself and multiply that by 1.5 – that is a good ballpark figure to start with.

What is a roof square?

A roof square is one hundred square feet so if you have the overall area of your roof then just divide it by 100 to find out how many roof squares you have. Builders and roofers use roof squares to make it easier to compare prices and will often quote per roof square on your estimate. Armed with this information, go to your local roofing depot and take a look at the prices for different roofing materials – these are usually quoted in roof squares.

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Why is your roofer’s cost higher per roof square than you have seen at the depot?

First, your roofer might be including labor and other costs like tear down fees when he quotes per roof square, some do whereas other roofers will split the costs between labor and materials. Also bear in mind that it can take more than 100 square feet of roofing material to cover 100 square feet of roof based on design complexity and wastage so your roofer will always include a margin for over estimation.

What else will appear on the quote?

There could be third-party costs like scaffolding hire although some roofers ask the company to bill the householder direct. Also included could be:-

  • Building permits
  • Tear down costs and dump fees
  • Upgrades to fall in line with local area roofing codes
  • New guttering, eaves boards and soffits

Roofing codes

Roofing codes vary depending on where you live and are usually only an issue if you have an old house with an old roof. Roofing codes are concerned with keeping buildings in line with modern safe practises and also revolve around issues of sustainability, encouraging homeowners to opt for eco-friendly and green choices. Your roofer can advise you when he conducts the inspection whether or not you are likely to incur added cost bringing the roof frame in line with modern standards.

Green roofs

The term ‘green roofs’ usually refers to a roof made of actual vegetation although this term can also extend to sustainable roofing materials which are eco-friendly either in the way they are manufactured – like recycled rubber hail resistant roofs – or how well they can insulate the property, or both.

Some roofing grants are aimed at encouraging householders to make a green choice when it comes to re-roofing. A well-insulated roof doesn’t just help the planet, it will also lower your energy bills and save you money, an attractive selling point as well if you are thinking of putting your house on the market.

Ancillary costs

Your roofer’s estimate may not be the only expense you have to meet when it comes to planning a new roof in NY. Here are some other possible charges which could affect your project:-

  • Professional fees – fees for an architect or surveyor if you are having a re-model or perhaps a structural engineer if the roof is old and sagging, these can cost several hundred dollars
  • Roof inspection - the fee for this is usually between $150 and $300 and for a thorough roof inspection prior to renewal you will usually have to meet this cost
  • Roof features – the addition of dormer windows or skylights

Hidden costs

The golden rule is to keep a 10%-15% margin based on the costs you have in front of you at the commencement of the project for unforeseen delays and problems.

Even with the most thorough inspection, it is not always possible to find every defect until the old roof is torn down. Sometimes hidden leaks or moisture problems from ductwork can damage timber which is just not visible until the old roof is stripped off. Rotten timber will have to be restored or replaced before the project can continue.

Saving money on the cost of a new roof in NY

  • Shop around for a roofing contractor who really offers value for money
  • Find out if there are any grants available or choose roofing materials which will make you eligible for a sustainable roof grant
  • Pick a cheaper shingle
  • Consider roof overlayment where the old roof or roofs remain in place and the new roof goes directly over the top, there are some quite significant drawbacks with this but in the short term it will save you quite a lot of cost in terms of tear down fees and dump costs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a professional and reliable roofing contractor?

Try to go word of mouth and get a personal recommendation. Expect a decent roofer to be busy and plan ahead in terms of the timescales on your project as you may have to wait for him. Another option is to have the work done in the off season so when the weather is colder as all roofers tend to be less busy at this time of year.

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