cost of new roof in New Jersey

How much does a new roof cost in NJ?

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What is the cost of a New Roof in NJ?

America is a big place so the average stated cost for a new roof of between $8,000 to $15,000 is actually pretty meaningless. There are so many different factors and variables involved in pricing a roof across all the different states that it is better to focus on your own specific area in order to try and gauge an accurate price. So, what is the cost of a new roof in NJ? We aim to nail this down for you and help you to understand how you can adjust the cost to suit your individual circumstances.

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The cost of a new roof in NJ

Let’s start with the cost of roofing materials as this is always the biggest element of any quote for a new roof in NJ. These quoted figures do not include the tear off of the existing roof or any labor charges.

Materials Cost per roof square
Asphalt Shingles, regular $266.13 ($202.77-$329.49)
Tiles, standard quality $1,235.60 ($950.456-$1,520.74)
Wood Shake $769.88 ($665.33-$874.43)
Metal roof  $1,089.87 ($944.13-$1,235.61)
Slate roof $1,599.95 ($918.78-$2,281.11)
Flat roof using asphalt roll $218.61 ($164.75-$272.47)

Start by working out the square footage of your roof area and then convert it into roof squares, this will enable you to calculate the cost of different roofing materials which are all quoted as a price per roof square. Do just bear in mind that on certain parts of the roof you will need to buy more than a roof square would suggest due to wastage. Next calculate the underlayment, again per roof square.
Now you have a ballpark figure, you need to add in the labor cost which is from $150-$300 per roof square and your tear down costs and dump fees.

Add on professional fees for architects or surveyors if applicable and also building permits. Price up rainwater goods if you intend to renew these at the same time as the roof so soffits, eaves boards and guttering.

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What other costs will a new roof in NJ attract?

Unfortunately, labor and materials are not the only charges on a new roofing project, here are some of the other costs which may be attached to your latest home improvement venture.

  • Roof inspection – this is necessary in order to have your roof assessed before work begins and before a roofer is able to write an accurate quotation, the average cost in NJ is $300 per visit although some contractors will offer a free site inspection or deduct the cost of the inspection from the final bill if you decide to go ahead with their services
  • Building permits – if required
  • Professional fees – if you are altering the roof or raising the pitch, perhaps you adding accommodation in the roof space and want dormer windows, any or all of these could raise the requirement to draw up professional plans with an architect or surveyor
  • Tear down costs and dump fees – the removal of the old roof and disposal of all the waste materials
  • Scaffolding hire – to work at height, your roofing contractor will normally sub-contract this to a regular scaffolding firm
  • Hidden defects – sometimes it’s just not possible to really see the state of a roof until all the old roofing material has been removed, always allow 10%-15% wriggle room for unforeseen defects like a hidden, slow roof leak which has caused damage and rot to roof timber (learn more about leaky roof repair costs)
  • Rainwater goods – soffits, eaves boards and guttering may all need replacement

How to manage the cost of a new roof in NJ

Many homeowners approach their mortgage company for further funding, but you will need equity in the property and to be able to demonstrate that you can repay the extra money. This can be a nicely affordable way to secure a new roof as the instalments are usually paid back over the rest of the remaining mortgage term and may not add too much to your monthly mortgage cost. Lenders are usually quite happy with funding a home improvement scheme like this as the property will have a decent uplift in value with a new roof, so it represents good ROI – Return on Investment.

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Other ways to fund the cost of a new roof in NJ

Some of the larger roofing companies will offer finance via a third-party broker or finance house – do shop around as you might find a better rate yourself elsewhere. Some NJ homeowners look for grants which are available for roof repairs and replacement at both federal and local level. But here are some facts you should know about roofing grants. Many grants are only available to families on a low income who need essential roof repairs or replacement because the house is becoming uninhabitable. The same applies to grants for older people aged over 60

Another key trigger for roofing grants is sustainability and this includes roofs made from sustainable products and roofs which lower emissions because they offer superior insulation – this will also lower your energy bills

  • Not all grants are for roof replacement, some are for roof repair only
  • Grants tend to be capped at a fixed figure rather than a percentage of the total job so the contribution to the overall cost may only be small
  • Some grants have conditions attached to them so you may find you have to pay the grant back if you move house within so many years of fitting a new roof and receiving a grant towards the cost
  • A good roofing contractor will know what grants are on offer in your local area as they can be a useful selling point to encourage homeowners to commit to a new roofing project

How to control the cost on a new roof in NJ

The bulk of any new roofing estimate will be made up of materials and labor and the proportion is usually 60:40. The costs of both materials and labor are controllable to a degree so if you are baulking at your roofer’s estimate then there are some steps you can take to lower the figure to come in under your budget.

  • Simplify the design – complicated roofs with different planes or facets, features like skylights and dormers or chimneys are going to take longer to build and are labor intensive around the features which require careful sealing and flashing to prevent the ingress of water
  • Choose different roofing materials – this can make the biggest impact on the final cost and with some clever shopping around, it is possible to get the roof look that you want with affordable roofing material. The most popular choice across the US is asphalt roofing shingles which are easy to work with, cutting down the labor costs as they make life simple and straightforward for the roofing contractor. Asphalt shingles are available in a range of different designs and styles with varying price points from budget to high end
  • Site access – save bucks by making site access easy, you may not be able to do anything on the roof but you can make the area on the ground user-friendly. This means enough space for a lorry to come on site and load shingles straight onto the roof, saving the time and labor cost of moving them up from ground level. It also makes it easier to strip off the old roof because a dump truck can park beneath it ready to catch the waste material. Clearing the site for easy access will make your life and your roofing contractor’s life much simpler
  • Roof design – if you are going for a roof re-model or perhaps you just buying a new property and have planned to re-roof it, bear in mind that the steeper the elevation, the harder the roof is to work and this can impact labor charges
  • Roofing grants – ask your contractor if you might be eligible for any grants in the local area or from federal government to put towards the cost of the work

If you are also interested in raising your roof whilst fitting a new roof, learn more about raising roof costs here.

Unavoidable impacts on the cost of a new roof in NJ

You have the quote and you are confident your guy has done a great inspection of your roof as it stands but when it is torn down, some fairly serious flaws are revealed. These could be rotten timber on the deck with a leak that was just hidden from view, or it could be that the roof deck or base structure is old and does not now comply with the current roof code.

If you have a double layer roof with a base roof and an overlay, then this is going to cost more to tear down simply because it is going to take more time and there will be more waste material to dispose of. There are some old houses around which actually have three layers so that’s a big job just to get back to the deck and if the deck is old and hasn’t been seen in a long while then there are bound to be problems with it.

The roof code in your area might restrict what you do or insist on certain types of roofing material and construction perhaps due to weather issues or other environmental factors such as the height of the area the property is located in.Questions to ask your NJ roofer

  • Here are some key questions to ask before you accept any quote.
    Is your current roof in line with the local roof code regulations? Will there be any nasty surprises after tear down and you find you need a significant upgrade because your roof is old and outdated?
  • Is the quote fully inclusive or are there extras which you haven’t thought about?
  • Find out how long they have been in business if you don’t already know
  • Checkout their insurance status
  • Ask whether they know of any roofing grants in this area which you may be eligible for
  • Ask to speak to previous customers, request a few names so you can choose who you talk to
  • Ask whether they use any subcontractors for the roof work, they may well hire in the scaffolding but that doesn’t matter, it’s the actual roof construction that you are interested in as they won’t be able to offer a warranty for someone else’s work
  • Is the company bonded? A roofing contractor bond is surety and protection against illegal and unwanted actions that might occur during the course of the work plus full completion of the project. Bonds differ from state to state and are not necessary for every roofing job
  • What kind of licensing do they have? Any license needs to be valid, up to date and free of violations or penalties
  • How is the lawn and landscaping around the house protected during the works?
  • What kind of warranties are offered for the actual construction work and for the roofing material products?

Always source three quotes for the cost of your new roof, don’t assume the most expensive is the best and the cheapest should be disregarded and make sure you are comparing like with like – a quote may be cheaper because some elements of the work are not listed compared to the others.

Try and go for a personal recommendation (this doesn’t include a post on socials where the recommendations are from people you don’t know). If you do use trader platforms or social media to get a recommendation, treat this as a complete unknown and do your homework.

A good roofer should talk roof grants, sensible ways to save money or make your money go further, warranties for his work and the roofing materials and be able to itemise the quote so you can see clearly how the money is being spent. Only consider quotes which have been produced after a thorough roof inspection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does a roof need replacing?

On average, most domestic roofs last 15-20 years but there are so many variables like your local weather environment which can take its toll, how well the roof has been looked after over the years (perhaps by previous owners as well) and the quality of the job that was done in the first place.

Will my roof last longer if I look after it?

Good roof care is one of the most essential elements in roof longevity alongside perhaps quality installation and materials at the point of construction. Annual roof inspections, normally at the same time as gutter clearance, can help spot early problems or issues which may not be visible from street level and nip those in the bud, saving money and a more costly repair later on. Roof cleaning and re-sealing will all help prolong the life of your roof shingles or roof covering.

What benefits will a new roof bring?

A new roof brings with it the reassurance of a watertight and weatherproof home plus lower energy bills if you use well insulated products which protect both your home heating and cooling systems as well as the environment. Return on Investment is good, a factor which should appeal to homeowners in NJ upgrading their roof prior to selling their home. And which buyer doesn’t love a house with a new roof.

Will the new roof come with any guarantees?

There will be specific manufacturer warranties for the different products like the shingles and underlayment but these will be subject to correct handling and installation. Your roofing contractor should offer a guarantee for the construction work on the roof which is independent and additional to the product warranties. Make sure everything is obtained in writing before the end of the project, these can be essential documents later on when you want to insure your home or take it to the market.

Is it really possible to save money on the cost of a new roof in NJ?

Yes, it is, if you do your research thoroughly. The easiest way to save money is to take time to learn about the roofing process and then make savings in the areas that are most appropriate to your circumstances and your home. This might be buying a more economic roof shingle because your home is sheltered and doesn’t suffer from excessive weathering or it could be preparing your site which has difficult access or taking advantage of a grant for green roofs. Saving money on the cost of a new roof doesn’t have to mean ending up with an inferior or substandard job but there is a point below which a quote simply cannot go as new roofs are not cheap at the end of the day.

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