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How much does a new roof cost in Georgia?

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What is the cost of a New Roof in Georgia?

If you are a homeowner in Georgia then you may be interested in the cost of a new roof for your property, perhaps it is time for an upgrade as your current roof is old or maybe the repairs are becoming just too frequent and costly.
The average cost of a new roof across the USA is $8,000 - $15,000 but the countrywide average across America can vary by as much as 18% depending on where you live so costs that are relevant to your state are crucial.

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The average cost of a new roof in Georgia

Here are some costs across a range of roofing materials taken from across the state.

Materials Cost per 100 square foot
Asphalt shingle standard quality, overlay roof $197.74 Range $157.213 - $238.24
Asphalt shingle standard quality, tear off existing roof $240.00 Range $210.00 - $270.00
Tile roof standard quality no tear off $902.41 Range $694.16 - $1,110.65
Wood shake standard quality, no tear off $562.27 Range $485.91 - $638.63
Metal roof standing seam no tear off $795.97 Range $689.53 - $902.41
Slate roof without existing roof tear off $1,168.50 Range $671.02 - $1,665.98
Flat roof installation asphalt roll no tear off $159.66 Range $120.32 - $198.99


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What are the labor costs for a new roof in Georgia?

Labor can be charged per hour by your roofer – the average is $75 – or it can be charged per roof square – a roof square is one hundred square feet and a handy unit of measurement used by roofing contractors and retailers of roofing materials, ideal if you are looking to compare the cost of new roofing materials.

Some roofers will charge their labor per roof square which is on average $150 - $300 per unit, others will quote an all-inclusive figure per roof square which will include roofing materials, tear down costs and labor – this is why their rate per roof square is higher than the price you were quoted at the roofing depot which will be materials only. If you are finding it hard to compare quotes because the costs are expressed differently then just ask each roofer for their hourly rate. If you are looking instead to raise your roof to create more spacious rooms, learn more about the cost to raise a roof.

What can influence the cost of a new roof in Georgia?

  • Zip code – location can impact on the costs of both labor and roofing materials
  • Roof area - large roofs will cost more
  • Roof design – complex roofs with different elevations and features like chimneys, skylights and dormers are going to cost more in terms of labor and materials than a simple ranch-style design
  • Roof pitch – if the pitch is too steep for the roofer to walk on then this is going to cost more in terms of labor and probably require specialist safety equipment
  • Roofing codes – if your property is old and the roof is overdue for renewal then you may find there is work to be done to bring it into line with the local roofing code, your roofer should be able to advise you this when he comes to do the inspection and estimate
  • Hidden defects – sometimes, damage and rot to the roof deck isn’t revealed until the old roof is stripped off even with the most thorough of roof inspections. Slow hidden leaks can remain disguised internally and externally and only come to light when the project starts, rot in the roofing timbers will require repair or replacement before the new roof can proceed

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Are there other costs to consider on a new roof in Georgia?

  • Professional fees if you are hiring an architect or surveyor
  • Tearing down and dump costs if you are not opting for roof overlayment
  • Building permits
  • Third party contractor costs like scaffolding hire
  • Replacement rainwater goods so guttering, eaves boards and soffits

Cut the cost of a new roof in Georgia

A new roof is a significant amount of money and can often come along at a time when you are really not prepared for it. So how can you keep your costs down without compromising on the quality? Here are some tips.

  • Choose a more economically priced roofing material, your roofer can advise you on this or find a great deal at your roofing depot so a quality tile or slate which is end of range and discounted – just make sure you have enough spares for repairs further down the line as you might not be able to get a match otherwise
  • Consider overlayment which is placing the new roof straight on top of the existing one. This can save tear down costs and dump fees but many roofers are not keen on them even though they are legal in lots of states. Roof overlays do have some significant disadvantages including poor insulation, a shorter lifespan for the roof, sometimes by as much as 20% and insurance implications – most home insurers will only insure the top roof and not the ones beneath it. Roof overlays are not popular with house purchasers and can be difficult to care for it the source of leaks is emanating from one of the hidden layers but, they will take a decent proportion off the estimate if your budget is tight
  • Make sure your roofer has good and easy access to your property, carting away old roofing material by hand or winching up new roofing materials because trucks can’t park alongside is only going to add to your labor charges hugely. Take time to prepare the site so the whole operation is as quick and smooth as possible
  • Look around for roofing grants both locally and federally, these are usually aimed at low-income families who are struggling to keep their home watertight or homeowners who want to make a switch to a more sustainable and eco-friendly roofing choice. Check out the grants carefully as some are repair only and there are eligibility criteria for the applicants. Always read the fine print as some require repayment of the money if you sell the house within a certain timeframe

Finding a good roofing contractor in Georgia

Always obtain at least three quotes, a new roof is a big and significant expense. Ask friends, family or work colleagues for a recommendation. Here are some things to think about and questions to ask a roofing contractor before you accept their quote:-

  • Are there any additional costs like scaffold hire so third-party contractor costs which are not on the quote?
  • Does the company have the correct licensing and insurance in place?
  • Who installs the roof, are they employees or subcontractors?
  • How long will the work take?
  • Do they envisage any potential problems which have not been scripted for or costed?
  • How long will the project take?
  • Are any building permits required?
  • What steps do they take to keep the occupants of the house safe whilst the work is ongoing?
  • Are there warranties both for the workmanship and the products they install?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a new roof last?

This is completely dependent on roofing material; asphalt shingles last on average 15-20 years but metal or slate roofs can last 50 years plus. Roof longevity is usually associated with more upfront cost for the installation but it can be money well spent especially if you intend to stay in the property.

Is a new roof a good investment?

A new roof will uplift the value of your home but doesn’t have quite the wow factor or currency of a new kitchen or extension. However, keeping your home warm and dry is really important and you can also save money on your energy bills if you choose the right roofing materials. A new roof will also have considerable curb appeal to a new buyer if you are thinking of selling your home.

What warranties and guarantees come with a new roof?

Your roofing contractor should guarantee his workmanship usually for a period of around ten years. There are also specific product warranties which come from the manufacturer for roofing shingles, underlayment, flashing and so on. Each warranty is different and almost all depend upon correct and proper installation. Make sure you have all the paperwork once the project is complete.

How do I know if I need a new roof?

Annual roofing inspections may reveal that the roof shingles are curling or starting to deteriorate – asphalt shingles leave little granules which accumulate in the guttering, a sure sign. The roof might simply be too old, most shingles only last on average fifteen to twenty years and the repair bills are becoming more frequent and more expensive. If your roof is damaged by bad weather, the extent of the damage may mean that you are able to claim for a new roof under your insurance policy.

How can I find roofing grants?

Start by asking your roofing contractor and then search around online. Use community forums on socials as some grants are very local and niche, also contact the National Roofing Contractors Association who may be able to signpost you to the right locations.

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