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Average Cost to Replace a Roof with Shingles 1900 square feet

The average cost for roof shingles across the US is $3.20 - $3.40 per square foot. This means that for a total roof area of 1,900 square feet, the cost will be around $6,080 - $6,460 and this works out at $320 - $340 per roof square. A roof square is a unit or roof measurement and is explained in detail later on. These figures include the materials and the labor for installation. Prices can vary depending on your location and lots of other factors as well.

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Table of costs of a 1,900 sq ft shingle roof

Here is a table of costs to give you a guide on cost breakdown, this groups shingles together in price brackets so it is easier to alter the specific cost of the shingles depending on which manufacturer you use. These costs are all based on a roof size of 1.900 square feet.

Low Cost  Mid Cost  High Cost
Materials $2363 $2569 $3263
Labor $3422 $3720 $4724
Cost per square foot $3.05 $3.31 $4.2
Total Cost $5786 $6289 $7987

The materials cost includes the price for roofing accessories and not just the shingles. The breakdown shows that the price jump per square foot is at its biggest between the mid and high cost materials although remember that labour charges do account for over half the total bill.

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1900 shingle roof cost factors explained

There are lots of different types of roof shingles.  Shingles are just flat and rectangular roof coverings which overlap each other and are held in place by the roof deck.  Shingles can be made of lots of different types of material including wood, slate, metal, plastic and composite materials such as asphalt and fibre cement and the type of material shingles are made from is one of the biggest influences on the cost of a shingle roof for the homeowner.

Asphalt shingles are really popular to replace an old or leaking roof as they are cost effective and look good.  There are lots of different types of asphalt shingles.  Although shingles are quoted per square foot, be prepared to look much more closely at the different types of shingles and the unique features of your roof to gauge an even more accurate cost.  

Working out the bundles

Asphalt roof shingles are sold in bundles and the usual reckoning is three bundles per roof square and one square of roof equates to around 100 square feet.  Working in bundles makes it easier to compare the different shingle prices.  For instance, 3-Tab Shingles cost $78-$93 per square, architectural shingles are $99-$163 per square and premium shingles $150-$224 per bundle.  Once you have chosen your shingles, you will go back to calculating per square foot to work out the actual cost for your own roof.

Although 3-Tab shingles are cheaper, most homeowners prefer architectural shingles because over the longer term, these provide the best value.  Not only do architectural shingles look good but manufacturers claim that they can provide reliable service for up to thirty years.

The size of the roof dictates the number of bundles you will need and the cost but the pitch or slope is also relevant plus the complexity of the design.  A professional roofing contractor should allow 10% for waste even on a simple roof design

Why pay more for architectural shingles?

Sometimes architectural shingles are referred to in the trade as laminated shingles and they cost more - around 20%-30% more – because of the make up of the shingle and its durability and longevity – with roof shingles, you really do get what you pay for.  And for sure, architectural shingles look more attractive from the curb because they have more dimension and not such a flat appearance, but this is not why they cost more.

Architectural shingles are around 30% thicker than say 3-tabs and what are referenced as designer shingles can be as much as 50% thicker and these will cost even more.

Buying from your local roofing depot

If you work out the cost of your roof per square foot based on the prices at your local roofing depot or supplier then this will come out cheaper than the cost per roof square or square foot quoted by a contractor, why is this?

Roofers will quote per roof square and include the installation cost which is not reflected in the base cost when you go shopping for shingles in store or look online.  If you want to know the average installation cost per square foot then this can be calculated at an average of $2.5-$3 per square foot for a new roof so you can add this to your material cost calculations.  When you get a quote from a roofing company then the labor charge will constitute around 50%-70% of the overall bill depending on how simple or difficult the roof style is. Speak to an expert roofer about the roof style you have and find quotes for a new roof.

How to cut the bill on your shingle roof quote

You are stuck with the roof on your home so you can’t make it less complicated unless you lose skylights and vents and chimneys so assuming you don’t alter the design then what techniques can you use to lower the cost?

  • Go down a couple of levels on your choice of shingles, you will pay around 30%-40% more on branded or premium shingles than on budget ranges or lesser-known manufacturers
  • If you are considering a new build home or about to buy a house that needs a new roof or are opting for a total re-design, bear in mind that a simple ranch style house is going to be a lot cheaper to roof or re-roof then a complex Colonial or Tudor style – eaves and valleys, skylights and vents will add around 30%-40% to the bill on average

Don’t forget the cost of removing the old roof

It’s easy to get carried away when you are trying to figure out the cost of your new roof using the price of shingles in your local roofing depot and a calculator.  We have already discussed how these prices don’t include installation which is why they are cheaper than your roofer’s quote but its also easy to overlook the cost of taking off the old roof and disposing of the waste material.  Any quote is going to include tear off and disposal charges. So it is possible to calculate per roof square how much it will cost to take off the old roof?  Yes it is.  

It can cost as much as $55 per roof square (so that’s around 100 square foot) so this is a helpful calculator to use when you are trying to work out a price for your roof job or check a quote.  This amount is per shingle layer, some roofs may have more than one layer as it is not uncommon to put one roof layer on top of another.

Save money by installing your new roof on top of the old one

Well, it’s a great idea to save money and many homeowners think that it just adds even more protection and insulation to put a new roof on top of the old one.  However, leaving the old roof in place will seriously affect the integrity of the new roof and significantly shorten its lifecycle so you should avoid any roofing contractors who suggest this.

Topping one old roof with a new roof reduces ventilation and this bumps the average temperature of the shingles which will dry the composite material and cause the granules to loosen and fall off more quickly than the natural process of degradation over a period of years.

Your roofer won’t be able to install underlayment between the old and new roofs which will affect the integrity of the new roof.  Vents or skylights which are leaking will continue to do so, a new roof will not prevent this as it is their join with the old roof that is the problem.

If you do install a new roof on top of an old one than this will impact your warranty so bad that you may not get either a materials warranty for the shingles or a guarantee from the roofing installer.  In fact, most of the big shingle manufacturers explicitly state that their warranty will be null and void if your contractor does this.

Check out the building code in your state as many states require that the old roofing materials must go if there is already more than one layer in situ.  So if you are looking to save costs on a quote and talk to your roofer about it, beware anyone who suggests doing this.

Don’t forget the extras and accessories

It’s so easy to work out your roof span in size and then multiple up how much the shingles will cost at your local builders or roof depot.  We have already talked about how this leaves out installation costs and the charge for taking off the old roof.  The other thing that homeowners tend to forget is all the roof add ons and accessories that you need to make the roof work and the cost of these can soon mount up.  So what are the extra accessories required for a new roof fit?

  • Underlayment so roof felt or an synthetic ice and water shield
  • Flashing to make the seal around skylights and chimneys
  • Hip/Ridge cap
  • Drip edge metal
  • Ridge vents for ventilation
  • Pipe boots
  • Nails and caulking

Not every roof will require all of these so your roofer should itemise separately on the quote although some will just include these accessories as an overall price for materials.

Accessories are crucial to keep the roof watertight and stop leaks; a roof without flashing for example, would not keep out the rain and would be a waste of a lot of money.  Also remember that an incomplete installation will also affect the warranty.

Why not do it yourself?

Over half if not up to around three-quarters of the cost of installing a new roof is taken up with the cost of labor so why not do it yourself with a buddy? That’s the million dollar question!

Asphalt shingles are designed to be DIY friendly to a handy homeowner and one of the easiest if not the only roofing material that a homeowner with a bit of skill and knowledge can put up themselves without the need for costly tools or any technical knowledge and the help of some YouTube clips. But there’s a big difference to replacing a small roof on an extension or garage to re-roofing an entire property.

If you fancy going down this route to save money, try and buddy up with an experienced friend who can at least help you measure up properly as this is where many people fall down as they don’t factor in a 5% margin for waste – more like 8% with a hip roof. But you should only really consider this if you have a ranch-style roof which is simple and plain; most complex roofs with gables, hips and skylights are beyond the reach of a homeowner and poor installation will void the warranty as well as leave you with a roof that may not be watertight.

Don’t forget that you may not know what lies beneath your old roof and if the substrate or deck is damaged or rotten then you will need to be skilled enough to replace this as well.

Make your dollars go further

Whatever you choose to spend on your roof shingles, you can make your dollars go further. You can’t control the weather but you can do the best possible job at installation and have your roof inspected annually for problems which you can then deal with promptly.

Shingle Roof Cost FAQs

What can you get for your money if you invest in premium shingles?

Premium asphalt shingles not only offer excellent protection against the weather but they will stay looking good year in year and this will increase and maintain the curb appeal of your real estate. There are algae resistant roof shingles which minimise the appearance of black streaks or you can opt for hurricane resistant shingles which can withstand wind uplift up to 115 mph.

Which are the most popular shingle manufacturers in the US?

Most homeowners opt for either 3-Tab or Architectural shingles also known as laminated shingles and these are available from multiple sources across the States. The best known shingle manufacturers are:-

  • Owens Corning
  • CertainTreed
  • GAF
  • Malarkey
  • Tamko
  • Atlas
  • IKO

Why do roofing costs vary from region to region?

This is mainly because roof installation costs vary so widely from area to area. If you live in an expensive city like San Francisco or New York then you will pay more for your new roof as well as everything else. The difference across the States can be as much as 18% from low to high depending on your zip code.

Can you save money by re-using old roof shingles that are still in good condition?

It’s a good thought but generally the cost of taking down and saving serviceable shingles is outweighed by the extra labour time it takes the contractor to do this. You may also find that the old shingles do not match the new and this affects the appearance of the roof when it is complete.

How long does a shingle roof last?

Realistically, around 18-20 years, don’t believe great claims of 30+ years or even 50 years and in order to get a 20-year span from your roof, you will need to look after and live in a state which has a reasonably mild and settled climate; weather extremes will shorten the lifespan of your roof. In the northern states, roof longevity is only around 10-12 years for good shingles.

Why is underlayment so important?

Your roof will not be watertight and weatherproof without underlayment and if your roofer does not install it then you may find that manufacturer’s warranties are rendered void for both materials and labor.

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