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What Is The Real Cost Of Roof Restoration?

The cost of roof restoration will vary depending on a number of factors, a bit like full roof replacement. Most roofing companies will charge by the square meter which is a bit different to the cost of roof renewal which is usually priced per roof square. Roof restoration costs depend on whether you just need cleaning from $250 dollars to a brand new roof from.$8000. Here are some prices to give you a rough estimate.

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Roof Restoration Cost table

Element of roof restoration Cost
Roof cleaning, dependent on condition $250 - $500
Spot repair, varied issues $200 - $500
Metal roof repairs $48 - $58 per square meter
Tile roof repairs $55 - $65 per square meter
Full roof restoration on an average sized house $2,500
Full roof restoration on a large tiled roof $4,500 - $11,000

 Roof resealing can be added to these costs, it is optional but does provide an additional layer of protection and can increase roof longevity. Sealing means the application of a special roof paint or coating and is costed either per square meter or by the hour depending on the roofing contractor. Some companies will charge a fixed cost based on the roof size.

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What is roof restoration?

Roof restoration is designed to extend the life of your existing roof and is an alternative to a complete roof renewal; it is also different to roof repair which may only affect a section of the roof. Roof restoration affects the whole roof but is cheaper than roof renewal and you will still end up with a watertight and serviceable roof that looks good and with an extended lifespan.

Poorly maintained or unrestored roofs can have several problems:-

  • Leaks (learn more about the cost to fix a roof leak)
  • Can attract unwelcome wildlife
  • Develop harmful mold growth
  • Poor aesthetic appearance

What factors affect the cost of roof restoration?

Rather like renewing a roof, there are many variables that can influence the cost of roof restoration and these include:

  • roof size
  • The condition of the roof so the extent of the restoration required, this could involve repair or renewal of roof trusses or eaves
  • Pitch – very high roofs are harder to work on and generally take more time so this increases the cost, some roofs have a requirement for guard rails to be installed before they can be worked on and this will bump up the bill
  •  Access – rather like with full roof renewal, if access to the site is difficult then it will take longer for the roof restoration and increase labor charges

Some factors may not appear until after the roof restoration has started. This is not because your roofer has failed to be thorough in the initial roof inspection but simply because not all problems and issues are apparent until the roof has been properly cleaned off.

What are the different stages of roof restoration?

Roof restoration has different and distinct stages and will depend upon the nature of the roofing materials and what treatment the roof requires. The procedure typically involves:-

  • Visual assessment – your roofing professional will undertake a close inspection looking for breaks, cracks, holes or dents in the roof shingles. Your contractor will also be keeping a close eye out for leaks and any structural damage they may have been caused, areas of repair that have not been tackled or made good or just weather damage. A roof inspection should also include a thorough examination of the inside of the house to look for problems upstairs like damp patches on the walls and ceilings and mold or strange odors
  •  Quotation – depending on what the roofer finds, the quote will be drawn up based on the work he estimates should be carried out, this will also include all the measurements and calculations for the roof area and any roof features like skylights or dormer windows. The quotation should be itemised and list all the treatment the roof will have including pressure cleaning, preparation costs, any repairs, sealants and roof paints
  • Cleaning - cleaning takes place prior to restoration and it is an important step in the process. High pressure cleaning will remove dirt, debris, moss, mold and algae. Sometimes, the cleaning process can reveal more problems that were not initially apparent
  • Repairs – any damage that the roofer has discovered will be looked at next, this might include fixing or replacing cracked or broken roof shingles, renewing metal sheets, sealing any leaks and re-pointing if required
  •   Priming – once any repairs are complete the roof will then be painted with a primer and a final topcoat added

What is the typical process of tile roof restoration?

  • High pressure cleaning using specialized equipment
  • Repairing or replacing cracked or broken tiles
  • Re-aligning roof tiles
  • Re-pointing and re-bedding ridge tiles
  • Repairing or replacing flashings and valleys
  • Installing new valley seals
  • Fitting new capping and re-pointing
  • Replacing the glazing if it is wearing or the tiles have started to look porous
  • Repairing roof leaks
  • Treatment with an anti-fungicide and sealer to protect against the elements

Use a professional for roof restoration

There are many reasons why it is important to use a professional firm for roof restoration. First, they’ll do the job safely. Working at height is dangerous and requires safe scaffolding as well as compliant working practices. It’s also quite easy to damage the roof if you clamber about on it without really knowing what you are doing.

Professional roofers will use quality commercial products and materials for your roof restoration and they will know the right ones for the job. The right products are important as they will come with guarantees and the roofing company themselves will warranty their own work, typically for ten years on average. Roofing quotes will allow you to search our range of professional roofers to help you find the right fit for your restoration. A professional roofing restoration job will also keep you on the right side of the line when it comes to your home insurance whereas a poor or botched job could void the policy.

Questions to ask a roof restoration company

  • Are they licensed?
  • Do they have appropriate and valid insurance cover?
  • Will they provide a written and fully itemised quote?
  • How long is the warranty on the materials they recommend?
  • Do they have references you can follow up?

Finding a roof restoration company

Ask family, friends and work colleagues for a recommendation, you might even see a company working in your neighbourhood – the perfect opportunity to see how they work and view the end result.

As with roof renewal, it is also worth obtaining two or three quotes and don’t assume that the most expensive is the best and the cheapest, the worst.

What are the classic signs that a roof restoration is required?

There are some hallmark indicators that roof restoration is required and these include:

  • Roof Leaks – you might discover dark spots of mold or rot apparent on the ceilings or walls on the first floor of your house, this suggests ingress of water from a leak in the roof
  • Age – most roofs last an average of 20 years depending on the roofing materials and how well the roof has been cared for. If you know your roof is around this age, then it could be time to consider a roof restoration
  • Roof sagging – if the roof is visibly sagging in one or more areas then this is a sure fire indicator of roof damage to the rafters
  • Deteriorating roof valleys – you might notice worn or loose material around the chimney, vents or pipes
  • Corrosion – this is rust essentially and indicates that water is collecting around your roof fittings and fasteners so is an indicator of damage
  • Mold – mold has hazardous health effects and is easy to spot as it has an unpleasant, rancid smell and appearance of black, brown or green blotches
  • Roof shingles – if the shingles look curled and worn or there are shingle granules accumulating in your gutter then this is a clear sign that your roof requires some attention
  • Damaged downpipes and gutters – they could be corroded or showing signs of rust or there could be holes, cracks or loose fasteners, this will lead to water damage to the sidings, walls, fascias and other roofing materials
  • Cracked or worn roof flashing – the flashing will be visibly cracked, broken or worn
  • Broken tiles – cracked or worn flashing, a particular problem with old-fashioned tar or cement flashing which should be replaced with modern metal flashing which will prevent leaks and slow down the need for a whole roof replacement
  • Cracked or broken tiles or roof shingles – damaged or missing tiles will inevitably allow water to seep in and cause rot to the timber roof deck

The benefits of roof restoration

If you don’t need roof renewal and your roof doesn’t look too bad then it might be hard to persuade the average homeowner that roof restoration is worth the cost. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Boost the value of your home – roof restoration will provide instant curb appeal if you want to sell your home, the exterior of the property is the first thing any prospective purchaser will see, the roof will also pass any building and pest inspection
  • Peace of mind – knowing your roof is in the best possible condition offers peace of mind particularly if you live in a part of the States which is prone to storms and violent weather
  • Improve insulation – a proper protective seal on your home will prevent warm air escaping and keep your home warmer and lower energy bills
  • Protection against pests – compromised roofs can be a haven for rats, snakes and possums causing further damage and providing a challenge to health
  • Increase the lifespan of the roof – repairing damage and protecting the roof from the elements will increase its lifespan
  • Ensuring insurance coverage – a poorly maintained roof can fall foul of an insurance policy and gives the insurance company an easy route to reject a claim for damage because the roof has not been properly maintained

Frequently Asked Questions

Is roof restoration the same as roof repair?

Roof restoration is a broader more comprehensive roof treatment and will usually involve some element of roof repair. Roof restoration is designed to be preventative and protective against future leaks and damage and to prolong the life of the current roofing material.

How long does roof restoration take?

Much depends on the existing condition of the roof and how many repairs are needed before the roof is sealed. Metal roofs take longer than standard shingles or tiles to restore but typically, a roof restoration will take anywhere from three to ten days.

How long does roof restoration last?

A quality roof restoration will last for between ten and fifteen years and the warranties offered for the workmanship and roof coating materials used will be somewhere in this region as well. Over time, the roof paint will fade and the glaze erode but the coating will still protect to a degree whilst it remains on the tiles.

What are the key factors which determine how long roof restoration will last?

Roof cleaning is the vital first part of effective roof restoration, without this process, any treatment will not last the course. It is essential that dirt and peeling paint is removed before the roof is treated otherwise any detritus left on the surface of the tiles will interfere with the adhesion of the roof membrane and the paint will subsequently peel or lift. Next, the right choice of products and their careful application are all critical not least because if the product is inexpertly applied then this will often void any warranty as well as not do the job you are paying for. Finally, all repair and replacement roofing materials must be quality and appropriate for the roof in question.

Is roof restoration a good investment if I intend to sell my house?

Certainly yes if your roof has faults or is in poor condition as this is going to be visible to any purchaser and show up on roof inspections. A well-maintained roof is going to a good aesthetic and curb appeal to any buyer and shows that a property has been well looked after.



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