cost of new roof in washington state

How much does a new roof cost in Washington State?

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What is the cost of a New Roof in Washington State?

 It’s all well and good looking online and seeing average roof costs of between $8,000 and $15,000 but an average across America is almost meaningless as it is such a big place. Most homeowners are only interested in roofing figures for their particular state. So, how much does a new roof cost in Washington State?

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The average cost of a new roof in Washington State

Let’s start with the cost of roofing materials in Washington State, here is data collected from across the state which will give some of the most accurate online pricing for your new roof.

Materials Cost per roof square
Asphalt shingle standard quality, overlay existing roof $239.31 ($180.97 - $297.65)
Asphalt shingle, standard quality, tear off existing roof $423.34 ($350.00 - $496.67)
Tile roof, standard quality, no tear off existing roof $1,007.75 ($775.19 - $1,240.30)
Wood shake standard quality, no tear off $627.90 ($542.63 - $713.17)
Metal roof, standing seam, no tear off existing roof $888.88 ($770.02 - $1,007.74)
Slate roof no tear off existing roof $1,304.90 ($749.35 - $1,860.45)
Flat roof installation, asphalt roll, no existing tear off $178.30 ($134.37 - $222.22)

It is really easy to see from this table just how the cost of roofing materials can impact on the price of a new roof in Washington Stage. Careful choice at the selection stage can still deliver a great result and save you money. Remember, the cost of roofing materials will be around 60% of the total value of your estimate.

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What are the labor costs for a new roof in Washington State?

Labor charges are around $150 - $300 per roof square – a roof square is 100 square feet and is a handy calculation used by professional roofers and roofing depots to make it easier to price up work and roofing materials. Your estimate may be broken down into roof squares but it is easy to calculate the number of roof squares for your particular house yourself if you know the square footage.

Handy hint: in your roofing depot, the price charged per roof square for roofing material won’t include labor costs or any wastage so will be lower than those which appear on the estimate for your roofer. You always need more material than you think to cover one roof square

How to control costs on a new roof in Washington State?

  • Get at least three quotes, don’t assume the cheapest is poor quality work and the most expensive is the best, be prepared to negotiate and drive a hard bargain, ask your favorite roofing prospect whether there are any areas of the quote he can reduce without denting the overall quality of the job
  • Opt for a thorough roof inspection, it will mean you have to shell out and the average rate in Washington State is around $250 but it is money well spent as you will receive the most accurate estimate. If your contractor wants to lift tiles and make a more detailed investigation at the point of inspection then encourage him to do so as hidden defects will only bite you later on
  • Make sure the quotes are detailed and that there are no hidden costs
  • Ask your contractor about local roofing codes which apply in every state but which do vary. If you have an old house then it is possible your roof deck may need to be upgraded to fall in line with the local roof code. Codes are there to ensure safe and sustainable construction practises
  • Choose a roofing material which is lightweight and easy for your roofer to install as this will take less time – it will also mean that you don’t need to upgrade the deck which can be the case with a heavier product like clay or concrete tiles
  • Keep the roof design simple if you have the option – adding planes and elevations and roof features like skylights, dormer windows and chimneys will only add to the cost of the labor and materials
  • Ensure that your contractor has good and easy access to your house, remove trees and obstructions so that dump trucks and delivery trucks can park alongside the property, getting the tear down materials away quickly and easily will save labor costs as will winching up new shingles straight from a flatbed truck onto the roof deck
  • Look around for roofing grants – your contractor should be able to help you with this but always make your own enquiries as some schemes are very local and short lived and he may not be aware of every last one
  • If your project is complex then see if you can split the work into two tranches, some roof features and upgrades like ventilation pipes can be added at a later date and this helps spread the cost
  • Discuss roof overlayment with your contractor although many don’t support this and some roofers won’t get involved in it. You could save some up front labor costs for tear down plus dump fees if you leave the existing roof in place. There can be issues with this but if your current roof is in a reasonable state but just old and fairly level without sagging then a roof overlay may be an option

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Finding the right contractor

  • Ask friends, work colleagues, family members or neighbours for a recommendation
  • Try community forums on social media but be careful as the recommendations may come from people you don’t know
  • Obtain three estimates to compare and contrast service and prices

Questions to ask your roofing contractor

  • Is his business insured?
  • Will there be any extra costs on top of the estimate?
  • Will he supply written warranties for workmanship and product guarantees at the end of the job?
  • How long is the work guaranteed for?
  • Are there any previous customers you can speak to about similar work he has carried out in the last six months?
  • What are his recommendations for roofing materials bearing in mind your local climate?
  • Does he know of any local or federal roofing grants which will help with the cost?
  • Does he sub-contract any of the work – a good example of this is scaffolding hire - this will impact on warranties and could also mean you will be receiving further separate bills outside the main estimate?
  • Is there anything he is aware of which is not on the estimate and for which you will have to pay?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of roofing shingle to use in terms of efficient labor cost and value for money?

Asphalt roof shingles are one of the best options for most homeowners and are enduringly popular in California. The range is diverse and affordable and they are lightweight and easy for your roofer to install keeping labor costs as low as possible. Asphalt shingles also offer decent roof longevity and have a lifespan of around 15 years, more if you look after them and because they are light, they won’t require any deck upgrade unlike some of the concrete and clay tiles available.

Should I be suspicious of a free estimate?

Not necessarily no but you do need a roofer who conducts a thorough inspection of the roof at height both internally and externally otherwise you are almost bound to find issues and problems which were not spotted before the roof was torn down and which could add a potentially open-ended amount of cost to your final bill.

What are the warranties offered for a new roof in Washington State?

Your roofing contractor should offer a written warranty for his workmanship, usually somewhere in the region of ten years – check this out before you accept the estimate and sign on the dotted line. Product manufacturers for roof shingles, underlayment and flashing will also provide a guarantee which will vary in length according to the item and the manufacturer. Most product guarantees are dependent on correct and proper installation otherwise they will be void. Make sure your contractor provides all of the relevant paperwork at the end of the job.

Is it worth re-roofing my property in Washington State prior to selling it?

Speak to a realtor about this as much will depend upon how buoyant sale prices are in your neighbourhood and the state of your existing roof. In premium areas, a slight adjustment to the sale price could be enough to cover the depreciation of a roof in poor condition but in some areas where business is slow, an old roof in poor condition might just be enough to put buyers off. Work out the uplift in price or the drop if you don’t do the work, it might be simpler to just lower the asking price, it is after all quite a lot of hassle and mess to re-roof a property you are intending to sell and it could leave some damage to the garden which you will need to rectify before you advertise.

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