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How Much Does A New Roof Cost In Illinois?

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What is the cost of a New Roof in Illinois?

If you go online, you will find that many roof costs are quoted as generic averages taken from all across the US and this can be pretty meaningless when it comes to your state. We take a look at how much a new roof will cost you in Illinois.

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How much does a new roof cost in Illinois?

Roofing materials usually make up around half the cost on any estimate the rest being labor so let’s start with these.

Roofing Material Cost per 100 square foot
Asphalt shingles, standard quality, overlay existing roof $208.43 ($159.89 - $256.97)
Asphalt shingles, standard quality, tear off existing roof $375.00 ($300.00 - $450.00)
Tile roof, standard quality, no tear off $963.37 ($741.05 - $1,185.69)
Wood shake roof, standard quality, no tear off $600.26 ($518.74 - $681.77)
Metal roof standing seam, no tear off $849.74 ($736.11 - $963.37)
Slate roof not including existing roof tear off $1,247.44 ($716.35 - $1,778.53)
Flat roof installation, no existing roof tear off $362.50 ($250.00 - $475.00)

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What are the other costs for a new roof in Illinois?

Your roofing contractor’s estimate will include labor which works out at around $75 per hour or if you are working on roof squares then between $150 and $300 per roof square. There are other costs some of which will appear on the quotation and others which you will need to pay for separately. These include:-

  • A roof inspection which across Illinois costs on average $265
  • Removal of the old roof or roofs and dump fees
  • Building permits
  • Roof features so chimneys, dormer windows or skylights
  • Rainwater goods so guttering, soffits and eaves boards
  • Professional fees for an architect or surveyor if you are opting for a new roof design
  • Building inspection fees
  • Roof repairs or damage caused by water leaks
  • Strengthen the roof frame to support a heavier roof shingle

If you are also interested in raising your roof whilst fitting a new roof, learn more about the cost to raise a roof.

Ways to save money on the cost of a new roof in Illinois

Choose a cheaper roofing material – the choice of roof shingles can make the biggest impact on the overall bill plus, if you have chosen a heavier clay or ceramic tile then you will have to strengthen the roof deck to support the extra load – more cost.

Think about roof overlayment which is permitted in most states in the US. This is just overlaying the new roof on top of one or more existing roofs. It’s a great way to save money but it is not without its drawbacks so it needs careful consideration. Overlaid roofs don’t last as long and are poor insulators plus if you have a leak or problem with one of the lower roofs then access can prove almost impossible, one of the main reasons why roofing contractors don’t like them. Learn more the most effective ways to renew your roof and leaky roof repair costs.

Roofing material manufacturers won’t always honor the guarantees on their products if they are used for roof overlays and your insurance company will insure the top roof you install, not the ones beneath it; this can be very costly if you live somewhere prone to extreme weather events. But, there is no doubt about it, avoiding tear down costs and dump fees will make a big difference to the estimate you are looking it if your budget really won’t stretch.

Make sure you site is clear of obstructions and easy to access. You need room for dump trucks to go alongside the house and cart away the old roofing material plus space for delivery trucks to deposit shingles straight onto the roof deck. If neither of these can happen then this is really going to bump up your labor bill as it will slow down the whole project. Take time to clear the site.

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Speak to your roofer about ways to cuts costs if you are on a tight budget, he may suggest things you haven’t thought of like splitting the work into two stages. Some projects can be worked like this with features being added later on to help spread the cost.

Take a look into roof grants particularly if you are interested in sustainable options and green roofs. There are grants available for repair and roof renewal at federal and local level – your roofer may know about some of them but always make your own enquiries. Not all grants are for renewal and some depend upon the financial profile of the applicant with low-income families and older people only being eligible. Always read the terms and conditions as some grants will require repayment if you sell the house within a stipulated period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best roof shingle to use?

For pure popularity, choice and value for money, asphalt shingles are a very common choice in Illinois and beyond, they also have a reasonably good lifespan at around 15 years. There is plenty of choice of style and color too.

How do I find a decent roofing contractor?

Ask around your neighbours and friends, family and work colleagues for a recommendation, you may even see a firm working in your neighbourhood. Always obtain three quotations and don’t accept an estimate which has been produced without a thorough roof inspection both internally and externally and at height. Make sure your roofer is insured and correctly licensed.

What are the warranties and guarantees which come with a new roof?

Your contractor should offer a written guarantee for his workmanship, usually lasting for about ten years – check this out before you hire him. There will also be product warranties for roofing shingles, underlayment and other items like flashing and dormer window units all of which rely on being correctly and professionally installed to be valid. Make sure all the paperwork is provided to you at the completion of the project.

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