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What is the cost of a New Roof in Houston?

In Houston, the average cost for a new roof replacement is between $6,000 and $8,500 but your zip code can make a real difference. Within Houston, the average cost per square foot is between $3.50 and $5.00. Read more below.

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The average cost of a new roof in Houston

The internet is crammed with online content about average roof costs, the trouble is that roofing costs across the States can vary by as much as 18% and so generic figures are not always very helpful if you are trying to figure out what your spend will be on a new roof our table of costs below!

Roof size Roofing material Average Cost
1.350 Asphalt $5,300
1,500 Asphalt $6,230
2,000 Asphalt $6,790
2,200 Asphalt $6,999
3,000 Asphalt $7,500
1.350 Metal $8,810
1,500 Metal $9,521
2,000 Metal $10,894
2,200 Metal $12,800
3,000 Metal $16,800

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What are the extra costs of a roof in Houston?

How much are labor charges?

Labor charges are around $75 per hour but what is confusing is that some roofing contractors will include their labor charge per roof square along with roofing materials and dump fees and some will list it separately. If you want to calculate and compare labor costs per roof square then the range is between $150-$300.

A roof square is a handy unit of measurement that roofers and construction retailers use so you can calculate the cost of materials.  A roof square is 100 square feet. Your estimate may include the labor on the price per roof square or it could be listed separately.

What are the things that influence the cost of a new roof?

There are lots of factors that influence the cost of a new roof both positively in terms of lowering costs and negatively in terms of increasing costs, here are just a sample so you can think about how they may impact your roofing project.

  • The size of the roof
  • The pitch of the roof – steep roofs are really hard to work on if not impossible and require specialist equipment to access plus extra time
  • The complexity of the roof design, expect to pay more for multiple elevations and gables
  • Roof features like chimneys, skylights and dormer windows, these require more materials and more labor time to fit or renew
  • Choice of roofing shingles, this is one of the biggest impacts on overall spend
  • Building permits which can be a significant cost
  • Unexpected damage or defects like rotten lumbar from a hidden leak (read more about roof leak repair costs) which has gone undetected
  • Whether you opt for a roof overlay or not, this involves leaving the current roof or roofs where they are and saves the tear down costs and dump fees
  • Tear down costs and dump fees
  • Third party contractor costs like scaffolding hire
  • Professional fees for architects, surveyors or engineers, these can run into several hundred dollars
  • Roof upgrades on older houses to fall in line with the local area roof code

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How to save money on the cost of a new roof in Houston?

Roof renewal is a significant expense and it is not a job you necessarily want to cut corners on as you could waste the money you do spend and still end up with an inferior job that is not fit for purpose.  Here are some tips to keep your costs as low as possible without compromising on the overall quality of the work.

  • Compare quotes with roofingpricing.com! This can help you to save by comparison.
  • Choose a cheaper roof shingle, you might want one that lasts for fifty years but do you really need a roof shingle like that? It’s possible to get shingles which can really look the part at a much more modest price than the real deal, like synthetic slate. Ask your roofer for the best deals or shop around for special offers, roofing material will make up around 60% of the overall spend
  • Are there features or elements of the project which can be done at a later date so in two stages like vent pipes? This can help spread the cost
  • Make sure access to the site is easy and slick – dump trucks need to be able to pull up alongside the house and also delivery trucks with roofing material which can be loaded straight onto the deck, anything which interferes with this process will just put up the labor costs
  • Discuss roof overlays with your contractor, this involves putting the new roof on top of the current one or perhaps there is more than one? This saves tear down costs and dump fees but there are significant drawbacks with roof overlays and not every roofer will do them
  • Look out for roof grants, these can come from the federal government or locally within your town or state, roof grants can help with renewal as well as repairs and if you steer your roofing choices towards green options then you may find that there are some schemes which you could benefit from. Always read the fine print carefully as some require the money to be repaid if you sell the house within a stipulated time period
  • Do the tear down yourself? This is generally not recommended as working at height is a specialist thing and it can be quite dangerous for your average homeowner to try and clamber on to their roof and start hurling down roof shingles. As well as damaging yourself, you can also damage the roof deck by walking on it in the wrong way

Finding the cash to cover the cost of a new roof in Houston

It’s not an easy reach but hopefully, if you have regular roof inspections then you will have some notice that your roof needs renewal and it won’t come as a great shock.

Most people either use capital savings or turn to their mortgage company for a further advance if they have enough equity in the property and can afford the repayments. This can be quite an affordable way to spread the burden.

Some roofing contractors have links with third-party finance organisations and can offer an option for finance, this can be expensive so don’t feel pressured to sign on the dotted line if you think you can get a better deal elsewhere.

If you have a set budget then discuss this with your chosen roofing contractor, there is often a margin which they might be prepared to negotiate over. Doing the work at a quieter time of year can help persuade a roofer to lower the cost if they are not that busy whereas in the warmer months or if there has been a severe weather event with lots of damage is bonanza time.

Is a new roof worth the cost in terms of uplift in the value of the property?

There is an uplift in property value, called the ROI or Return on Investment, not quite as good as a new kitchen or attic conversion but still worth the money.

A new roof can also make a big dent in your energy costs when it comes to home heating and cooling providing you choose the right roofing material that offers great insulation.

New buyers are always attracted by a new roof, they have great curb appeal and if your energy costs are lower as a result then this is a double whammy.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my roof is damaged by a storm or adverse weather event in Houston, will the insurance company pay for the damage?

If you have appropriate insurance in place then usually storm damage will form part of an insurance claim. The roof will need to be inspected by an insurance assessor. Costs which arise from lack of maintenance or just wear and tear will not be covered by an insurance policy.

Will my roof benefit from annual inspections?

Yes, it certainly is good whether it is new or old. Annual inspections can spot deterioration or problems which can go unnoticed from street level or not leave a trace within the upstairs rooms in the property. Small problems and defects don’t mend themselves and these will only get worse over time becoming bigger problems, causing more damage and costing more money to rectify. A local roofer who is familiar with your roof will value your custom and it makes it easier to find someone when you do need some urgent repairs.

How can I find the right roofer in Houston?

If you don’t have a regular roofer that you use for checks and maintenance then start by asking friends, family members or neighbours if they can recommend someone. Make sure you get at least three quotes for the job even if it is difficult and time-consuming and don’t accept any estimates that have not been the result of a thorough roof inspection at height as they will not be accurate. Make sure your chosen roofer has the appropriate licences and insurance for his business and ask for testimonials from previous customers which you can verify for yourself.

Does a new roof carry any warranties or guarantees?

There should be a warranty offered by your contractor for his workmanship and also product guarantees for all the roofing materials.

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