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What Is The Cost To Reshingle A Roof?

The average cost to reshingle an asphalt roof is $7,211 for a 2,000 square foot home. Most homeowners spend on average between $400 and $550 per square. No-one wants to face the cost of putting new shingles on a roof but sometimes it is unavoidable if you want to have a weatherproof and watertight home. Let’s take a look at the cost to reshingle a roof without any other factors like deck repairs or rotten rafters.

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The cost to reshingle a roof

The cost to reshingle a roof is mostly based on two factors, the size of the roof and the choice of roofing material. Here are some guide prices for two different roof sizes across a range of roof shingles.

Material 1,000 square foot 2,000 square foot
Asphalt Shingles $3,600 $7,211
Vinyl $4,400 $8,800
Wood Shake $8,000 $16,000
Metal $8,000 $16,000
Clay $15,000 $30,000
Concrete $15,000 $30,000
Slate $14,800 $29,600


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What other factors can impact on the cost to reshingle a roof?

What will cost nearly as much as the roofing materials is the labor bill and there are lots of factors which can influence this and add to your costs to reshingle a roof. Here are some of the variables:

  • Roof size – the bigger it is, the more it will cost
  • Roof pitch – steeper roofs are harder to work on and usually take longer
  • Local building codes – all new roofs must comply with the building code regulations in your area, if your house is old then it may take more work to bring the new roof into line with current standards
  • Roof features – working round chimneys, skylights or ventilation pipes will take longer and there can be more wastage of roof shingles
  • Zip code – some areas are more expensive than others

So, what is the cost to reshingle a roof all in, including tearing down the old roof, dumpster costs and maybe some roof features or a complicated design?

The total cost to reshingle a roof

The total cost to reshingle a roof is between $4,707 and $15,690 and this will include removal of the old roof, new roof shingles and professional installation.

Sometimes it is easier to look at the fully inclusive cost in terms of roof squares. Roofers use the measurement ‘per square’ to describe 100 square feet and a price is calculated per square to include all labor and materials. This can make it easier to compare estimates. Here are some costs to reshingle a roof expressed in roof squares.

  • Asphalt shingles – from $350 to $500 per square
  • Metal or tin shingles - £600 to $1,200 per square
  • Concrete or clay shingles - $1,200 and $1,800 per square

If you are taking off an old roof rather than overlaying then add $125 to $500 per roofing square for old roof tear down.

Why reshingle a roof?

Most roof shingles only last on average around 15 years, 20 years if you are lucky so even if your roof isn’t leaking, you may find that the shingles are disintegrating and coming towards the end of their natural life. Find out more about the price of roof shingles and the cost to fix a roof leak.

Asphalt shingles are popular because they are affordable and easy to fit but they don’t offer the longevity of other roofing materials so, as a consequence, you may need to replace them. They could still be watertight but aesthetically, they won’t look so good and it’s only a matter of time before they stop doing the job they were intended for.

Asphalt and metal shingles are the most popular choice

For a 2,000 square foot home without roof removal so an overlay, a new asphalt shingle roof will cost between $5,400 and $9,000 giving an average of $7,211. The final cost will depend on the type of shingle, whether it is composite asphalt shingle or a concrete/fiber cement composite shingle. On a 1,500 square foot roof, the cost will be $7,850 for roof tear down and installation with asphalt shingles rising to $24,950 for the same property with a concrete shingle installation.

Metal roof costs

The average cost to reshingle a roof with metal shingles is $11,000 with a range starting at $7.858 and rising to $14,412 with the usual variables of actual choice of shingle, size and the pitch of the roof determining the final price. Per roof square, the average charge for metal roofing installed is $600 to $1,200 which compares with $300 to $700 for asphalt shingle also installed. The type of metal selected has a big impact on the shingle cost as does the manufacturer.

  • Tin roof cost – the average cost to install a new tin roof is $10,500 with a per square average of around $875. Tin is not used as a sole material instead steel is the base material which is then coated with tin, this alloy is known in the trade as ‘Terne’
  • Steel roof cost – the national average across the US to install a steel roof is $12,300 or $1,025 per square. Stainless steel which is the most superior steel product can maintain its appearance and strength for more than fifty years so unsurprisingly retails at around $18,600 for the entire roof which equates to $1,600 per roof square
  •  Copper roof cost – the most expensive of all the metal roofing solutions coming in at $1,500 to $2,000 per roof square, you will also find that not all roofing contractors are experienced at installing copper due to the cost as most homeowners don’t choose it so make sure you select a contractor with the right skills

Roof tile costs

One of the biggest issues with concrete tiles, Spanish tiles and clay tiles is their weight. If you are converting from asphalt or a lightweight tile to something heavier then you need to discuss with your contractor whether or not you will need to upgrade the deck to support the extra load. Here are some prices for different tiles and these are without any element of upgrade to the roof structure.

  • Clay tiles – an expensive option at around $1,500 per roof square with average installation costs from $15,000 to $45,000 depending on the roof size
  • Concrete tiles – concrete tiles have a similar price per square as clay at $1,500 but a lower installation cost on average of anywhere from $22,500 to $30,000
  •  Spanish tiles – popular because of their design element so this of course carries a higher price tag, Spanish tiles start with a higher baseline than entry-level clay or concrete so $1,500 to $1,600 per roof square and again, there could be upgrading costs to the roof structure to bear the extra weight
  •  Slate roof tiles – slate roofing has a real cachet and slate is one of the most expensive roof materials with most homeowners spending anywhere from $22,200 to $37,000 which represents a national average across the US but many people do pay considerably more than this. A good ballpark figure to work to is $1,480 per roof square for materials and contractor installation. Slate is popular because it is a natural stone and so does have a very long lifespan if it can be protected from severe weather events and storm damage and undisturbed and well maintained, will last well in excess of fifty years subject also to the integrity of the roof frame

Wood or Cedar shake roofing

Work on an average of $800 per square with a national average of $12,000 to $16,000. Wood shake roof installations offer reasonably good longevity at between thirty to forty years and does depend to an extent on the thickness of the product. If you want to gain a Class C fire rating then there are additional treatments available which cost around $0.85 per square foot.

Wood shake roofs are higher maintenance to clean off debris and to prevent mold and moss accumulation. Cedar is the most common wood for this product but you can also buy treated pine and spruce. There are synthetic products available which are maintenance free and offer a much longer lifespan of around fifty years.

What about a sola roof?

Tesla make a solar roof and this retails at $21.85 per square foot with an overall average roof cost of $52,000 and $70,600 plus an extra $17,100 for a couple of Powerwall batteries. Remember solar tiles generate free energy and there are federal government tax credits which can go towards 30% of the installation cost which is on average around $8,000 to $10,000.

Energy costs generated can be into the tens of thousands so will reduce the net cost but over the longer term, so this is really only an option for homeowners who are in their property for the long haul.

How much will it cost to remove the old roof first?

It’s easy to overlook this cost and focus just on the price of new roof shingles but tearing down and dumpster costs can be significant. The average charge is $1,467 - $4,890 which equates to $125 and $500 per roofing square to remove your current roof shingles before installing a replacement. Costs fluctuate according to the difficulty of removing and disposing of the existing roofing shingles. If the contractor discovers structural issues in the rafters once the old roof has been torn down then this could cost a further $1,000 to $10,000.

Other roofing costs

Don’t forget to factor in these costs which are additional to roofing materials and labor when you are looking at the cost to reshingle your roof.

  • Replacement flashing, soffits and fascia boards
  • Repairs around skylights
  • Mold removal
  • Strengthening the frame or deck to take a heavier load
  • Roof repairs which may not become apparent until the old roof is removed
  • Building permits which cost anywhere from $150 to $500 depending on your location and the scale of the roofing project. The rule of thumb is that you will likely need a permit for replacing a roof
  • Professional fees for an architect or surveyor if you are changing the roof design or converting the roof space into accommodation
  • Repairs or restoration required to bring an old roof frame in line with the current roofing code in your area

Finding a roofing contractor to reshingle your roof

The cost to reshingle a roof is significant and most homeowners are concerned with the overall charge and getting value for money.Ask friends, work colleagues or neighbours for a recommendation. Social media is another good place to look but just bear in mind that many of the names that come forward will be recommended by people you don’t actually know if you post in a community forum of local trades group.

Always obtain two or three estimates and if you can get the contractors to quote in the same way, i.e. per roof square then it makes it much easier to compare and contrast the costs. If you want a roofing inspection first then you will need to probably pay a contractor to do this however, some are prepared to deduct the cost of the inspection – typically around $200 – from the cost of the work if you go ahead and commission them to do the job. A proper roofing inspection will include an internal and external examination of the roof at height not just from street level, even so, it isn’t always possible for a roofer to know the full extent of the work until the old roof is stripped off.

What questions should you ask a contractor?

What is not included in the price, i.e. is there anything that might be unforeseen or they just assume that you know such as the cost of the scaffold hire which could be presented as a sub-contractor bill

  • Do they have the correct licences?
  • Are they fully insured?
  • How many years have they been trading?
  • Can you view any examples of their work from previous customers?
  • What guarantees and warranties do they offer?

Guarantees and warranties

You must have realised by now that the cost to reshingle a roof is not small fry so you will be keen to know what guarantees are available for the work when it is finished.

There are two types of guarantee or warranty available, one is the roofer’s own warranty for his workmanship which typically would be in the region of ten years. The other is from the manufacturer of the different roofing materials like the shingles, underlayment and extras like flashing. Product warranties depend upon correct installation to be valid.

Are regular roof inspections important?

Regular roof inspections, at least annually, can identify defects or weak areas which could become potentially serious problems and which may not be visible either from street level or from inside. No householder wants to find out that flashing on their roof has failed when they notice damp patches on the bedroom ceiling – this means that water has been seeping in for some time. A regular roof inspection can check the integrity of flashing as well as lots of other aspects of your roof to ensure that it is watertight and weatherproof and if there are problems then they can be dealt with quickly.

Can a homeowner repair their own flashing?

Some simple jobs can be managed by someone reasonably handy with the aid of a few YouTube clips but a lot depends on access – it could just be out or reach – and working safely at height. It may not even be possible to assess the extent of the required repair yourself without a roofer going on to the roof. Working on a roof is a skilled job and beyond the reach of most homeowners, it is also really important to avoid damaging the structure whilst working on it so really, it is best to leave the job to a professional unless you have a single storey building like a garage with good, safe access.

Do I still need flashings on a metal roof?

The principle is the same that an extra seal needs to be made around roof features and on the edge of the roof even if it is made of metal.

What is a roof cricket?

Chimneys are one of the most vulnerable parts of any roof, especially as they run through the whole roof and down the first floor onto the ground floor usually. A roof cricket, sometimes also called a roof saddle or chimney saddle or chimney diverter, is flashing specifically designed to protect the chimney join with the roof from the ingress of water; most professional roofers will recommend them. A roof cricket is a sloped backing that diverts water away from the chimney and down the roof towards the guttering. The roofer will build the cricket out of wood and then add metal flashing or asphalt shingles on top, this will form part of the chimney flashing system.

Does a roofer need access in order to provide an accurate cost for a flashing repair on my roof?
The answer is almost definitely, yes, if you want an accurate report and estimate of how much it will cost to conduct a proper repair.

If I install new roof flashing, can I save my old roof?

It may be that the damage has already been done if water has been seeping in unnoticed for a long time, only a proper roof inspection from a professional roofer can reveal the true extent of the problem and what it will take to put it right.

If I replace my roof, should I install new flashings at the same time?

The answer is yes, otherwise you will have done 90% of the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors indicate you need to reshingle your roof?

The existing roof shingles may be drying out or curling – most asphalt roof shingles contain an oil added at the manufacturing process and over time this will dry out. You could have broken or missing roof shingles or enough repair bills to make it uneconomic to carry on with the old roof.

Regular roof inspections, say annually, can help maintain a roof and will let you spot when it could be time to brave the cost of a complete roof reshingle. Many people do this when they are having rainwater goods cleared.

Annual roof inspections will help you look after your roof and not only ensure that it is weatherproof but also spot small repairs which are not visible from street level before they become big problems.

Of course, your roof might just be old and shabby and have gotten to the end of its natural life. It’s a reach to strip off an old roof and reshingle bearing in mind the cost particularly if the current roof is still watertight but, it won’t last forever unless you are lucky enough to have slate or metal shingles.

I am not sure if I need a new roof, how can I find out?

Instruct an experienced roofing contractor to come round and inspect the roof and conduct a proper evaluation, this will cost around $200.

What is a roof shingle?

A roof shingle is a roof covering which typically overlaps and can be made from many different materials.  These include the very popular asphalt shingle, a composite product, but also includes clay shingles, slate shingles, wood shingles and metal shingles.

What is a roof square?

A roof square is a unit of measurement used by roofers and retailers of roofing materials to help price shingles and installation costs making it easier to compare different products. A roof square is equivalent to 100 square feet so just measure the area of your roof and divide. Using roof squares on estimates will help you compare contractor prices when looking at the cost to reshingle your roof.

Can I re-use some of the original roof shingles if they are still in good repair?

The labor cost of separating out old shingles and selecting the good from the bad will likely outweigh any saving you might make plus, your roofer may not offer a warranty for his workmanship if you insist on reusing old shingles.





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